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Having a car is no longer a matter of luxury now, rather it has become a necessity. The market is full of endless models of cars and people buy these cars after conducting proper research of the market. The model which is best in proper regard to the budget of the customers and which helps to satisfy their needs is purchased by them. The car is available in various models and various price segments now. Purchasing a car requires proper attention and regular care and like people, it also requires proper and timely checkups. The more the expensive car is more will be its maintenance cost. Cars must be looked at by the people very carefully and regularly.

People nowadays are so much busy with their other tasks that they forget that cars also need proper care. The car requires proper cleaning, waxing as well as checking of all other parts like engine, brakes, lights, battery and many more. Care and attention are the only parameters which can help to enhance the life of the car.

Nations like India have so many bumpy roads which make it more important to be attentive to the car and its washing. The car is prone to harsh conditions of weather like snow, sunlight, droppings of birds and many more. This is the main reason it requires washing and application of wax. Applying wax will give a proper shine to the car and it is the dream of every owner that his or her car should shine all the time. There are various types of car wax available in the market from various companies and help to protect the car. The main aim of this is to keep the paint of the car shiny. The life of the car’s paint is increased if proper and timely wax is applied to it. The wax also prevents the damaging of the car which is because of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This will also help to prevent the surface of the car from corrosive elements.

The droppings of birds are a major threat to the surface of the car and the water-resistant wax helps to prevent the surface of the car from them also. The water-resistant wax is different from the normal wax which is applied with a hand to remove the tiny scratches from the surface of the car. Proper washing of the car must be done before applying the wax. The dirt resting on the car must also be cleared with mild soap and water. The car must be washed properly and assured and dried before applying the wax.

Following are some of the necessary things which are kept to be in mind before applying wax:

Number one: wax should be applied to a cool and dry car.

Number two: the car on which wax is to be applied should be there in under a shade

Number three: there must be a proper rinsing of the car before applying brakes

Number four: the wax layer must be left to dry properly under natural conditions


One must wash the car by properly by using the cloth and a bucket full of water. The car must be washed first with water and then with pressure pump so that all the kinds of dirt is removed from it. Then a soap solution must be prepared and poured upon the car. After this, the car must be cleaned with a sponge or terry cloth. After this, there must be proper rinsing of the car and it must be dried using a soft cloth. One must do the waxing of the car after every six months. The car must be washed daily and soap solution must be applied twice every week. There are different kinds of cloth material is available in the market to clean the car. But one must go with microfiber clothes as it will not affect the health of the car and it will not leave stains and marks on the surface of it. There is a proper method to wash the car. The car must be washed from top to bottom.

The wheels of the car must also be paid some proper attention and the car must be cleaned properly from the inside. The air freshener of the car must also be changed regularly after equal intervals of time and target areas must be watched and dried using a cloth. The seats of the car should also be cleaned using the vacuum cleaner so that all the dirt is removed. The floor mats should also be placed in sunlight for drying up when they are washed. The door should be left open with fans running overnight. The car must be washed before and after the rain.

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The company is a certified car service provider that helps to cater to all the needs of the customers. One can even go to the website to book the service or can call them.