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GHANA BLOGGERS ASSOCIATION Launches… Uniting Ghanaian Bloggers and Elevating the Digital Landscape



Today marks a momentous occasion in the digital realm of Ghana as we proudly announce the official launch of the Ghana Bloggers Association (GBA). This pioneering initiative signifies a significant step forward in bringing together Ghanaian bloggers and content creators under one unified platform to enhance professionalism, foster collaboration, and advance the new media landscape in our beloved nation.

Ghana has seen an exponential growth in the field of new media and blogging over the past decade, with a multitude of talented individuals contributing their voices and perspectives to the online world. Recognizing the immense potential and the need for a collective voice, GBA, has been established to serve as a unifying force for these creative minds.

Ghanaian bloggers have, over the years, displayed remarkable dedication and skill in their craft. GBA aims to further enhance their professionalism through training, resources, and ethical guidelines, ensuring that the content they produce adheres to high standards.


The association seeks to foster a sense of unity among bloggers across Ghana, transcending geographic boundaries and content niches.

GBA aims to provide a platform for Ghanaian bloggers to have their voices heard on critical issues affecting the digital space. This association will represent the interests of its members in discussions with relevant stakeholders, including government bodies and advertisers.

GBA Members will be encouraged to engage in social initiatives and projects that harness the power of new media to create positive change in society.

GBA invites all Ghanaian bloggers, content creators, and digital enthusiasts to join hands in this exciting journey towards building a vibrant and responsible new media ecosystem. Together, we will uphold the values of integrity, accuracy, and creativity, thereby contributing to the growth and development of our nation through digital storytelling.


For more information about GBA and membership inquiries, please contact: +233243812693.

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