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Ghana gets its first Tableau User Group



A week ago, a group that started as a collaboration between three passionate data enthusiasts from Ghana was recognized by Tableau software as the first official Tableau User Group in Ghana. This is a huge deal for the country because Tableau is one of the best data analytics tools that allows users to quickly analyze data and produce stunning reports.

The group’s objective is to serve as a community for data analysts and data enthusiasts from Ghana who want to visualize data using Tableau. The group is currently led by data analysts; Lawer Akrofi  , Nana Kofi Okyere  and Philip Okoampah Kwaning .

The idea to form this official user group came about after Lawer Akrofi and Philip Okoampah Kwaning were featured by Tableau on its website as two of the brightest data analysts from a list of 13 others worldwide.

After being featured by Tableau, they teamed up with another data enthusiast, Nana Kofi Okyere, to form a WhatsApp Group where its members could collaborate, ask questions and learn more about Tableau. Today, the group has grown from its 3 founders to a total of 32 members and this is expected to grow tremendously after this recognition by Tableau.

This is great news for the technology sector of Ghana as a whole. The ability to analyze large chunks of data, to extract useful information from it and to use it to make useful decisions quickly are skills that employers find useful today. What this group is trying to achieve, is to help people tell better stories with their data. Stories that are not just spreadsheets, tables or paper records, but visualizations that can easily provide insights that everyone, not just analysts would understand.

Even now, our devices, applications and social media platforms that allow us to connect with each other and share information has led to an increase in the amount of data that is being produced. Perhaps this Tableau group will allow us to uncover insights that will open new markets for entrepreneurs to explore. Let us applaud their efforts and help them achieve their goals of making the country data savvy.

You can support or join the Accra User Group by reaching out to the Admins of their WhatsApp group here

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