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Ghana Tourist Authority partners Festival of Films, Africa (F.O.F.A)



The Government of Ghana under the auspices of Ghana Tourist Authority has partnered with the organizers of Festival Of Films, Africa (F.O.F.A) to make the new international film festival in Ghana, a success.  F.O.F.A has selected Ghana for this festival as Ghana has been named one of the selected ten tourist destinations in the world for 2012, which has been as a result of the hard work of the Ghana Tourist Authority. The festival will bring together film makers across Africa and the diaspora under one umbrella in the beautiful city of Accra, and at the Silverbird Cinemas to celebrate and showcase the beautiful works of African film makers. The main objective of F.O.F.A is to move the African film forward, create interaction among film makers across Africa, educate and inform African film makers about the new trends in film making, and bridge the distribution gap between African countries. The festival will have workshops and seminars facilitated by international and local experts for film makers and all those involved in movie making. From March 1-4, F.O.F.A will see to the organization of different events; there will be showing of selected African films at the Silverbird cinemas, exhibition of African films (DVDs/VCDs) to be purchased at 20% discount at the Accra mall, workshop/seminars, sponsored by Goethe institute which will take place at the institute, Professionals in film educating film makers in Africa on contemporary film production. The crowning event of FOFA will be a dinner gala night where renowned Film makers will be honored for distinguishing themselves in the movie industry. F.O.F.A organizers will bring to Ghana Hollywood and Bollywood stars to grace the festival. This is a way of strengthening the international relations between film makers across the world.  It will bring all stakeholders together and present to them, through the seminars, opportunities for collaboration and funding.]]>


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