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Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards appeals for bone marrow donations



The Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards (GUBA) in conjunction with the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) urgently needs your help to assist Dennis Gyamfi and Rose-Anne Ofori both of Ghanaian descent, who are in dire need of bone marrow donation. Dennis Gyamfi, a 22 year old living in South London was sadly diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) in January 2010. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments but there is concern by consultants at St. Georges Hospital that he may need an unrelated bone marrow donor to save his life. Unfortunately, his younger siblings do not have matching bone marrow tissue to his. 8 year old Rose-Anne Ofori lives in Dagenham and was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) in June 2011. Rose-Anne completed her treatments in November 2011 but suffered a relapse of the cancer in March 2012. Rose-Anne urgently needs to find a matching bone marrow donor Dennis and Rose-Anne urgently need your help and support. The CEO and founder of GUBA, Dentaa said; “We hope to find matching donors for Dennis and Rose-Anne and we URGENTLY need the support of the community to come along and register as donors. Although this is an appeal on behalf of Dennis and Rose-Anne, we want members of the general public to come along on the 2nd June at Choice FM studios to see if they could match anyone of any ethnicity awaiting a life -saving donor” The Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards (GUBA) is leading this campaign by raising awareness and encouraging as many people as possible to help and support the initiative. This area is of great interest because GUBA believes that children should have access to healthcare and other necessary amenities. GUBA’s Children’s Foundation focuses on the wellbeing of children and young people which is why Dennis and Rose-Anne’s condition is of great concern to GUBA. We are working alongside the ACLT to help encourage people to sign up and donate bone marrow and blood to help Leukaemia patients An annual bone marrow and blood recruitment session is being held at the Choice FM Studios (Global Radio) in Leicester Square WC2H 7LA on Saturday the 2nd June. From 11am-4pm.]]>


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Ghanaians reveal some of the worst Christmas gifts they ever received



Ghanaians reveal some of the worst Christmas gifts they ever received

Getting the right gift for a loved one can be quite a chore regardless of the occasion. Sometimes you want to just get something for them to know you care and appreciate them, and sometimes you really want to give them something that they truly need. (more…)

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Hair transplant in Istanbul – More than a Procedure



There are many reliable hair transplant clinics in Turkey – especially in Istanbul. However, Medhair clinic is the name most preferred by hair transplant patients.

Alopecia patients have a new hope: Even if they don’t have a large fortune, they can afford a professional hair transplant in the future. If the prices are high for them in their clinics in Europe, America, and especially in Arab states, they prefer hair transplant Istanbul. Affordable prices, impeccable quality, and a vacation-like stay – Turkey makes the impossible possible.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Medhair Clinic

There are many reliable hair transplant clinics in Turkey – especially in Istanbul. But all of them automatically choose Medhair Clinic.

Only the surgeon is worth recommending. For more than X years, Medhair Clinic has been deemed worthy of successful awards in aesthetic hair surgery, not only in Turkey but also in many countries. The word of the wealth of experience has long reached beyond the borders of the country. Anyone who has already performed thousands of interventions should understand their craft. The high success rate can only confirm this. The motto of the innovative clinic, almost every graft is healthy hair exactly because almost all of the hair transplanted with a success rate of 99% is exactly where it belongs.

The impressive success rate of almost 100% has a huge impact on its appearance as a hair transplant turkey. Because the more grafts are transplanted into the scalp, the more intense, fresh, and strong the result will be. In Turkey, most patients do not have a trace of baldness after hair transplantation. Baldness and receding hairlines are no longer a problem.

Medhair Clinic in Istanbul attracts the attention of not only alopecia patients but also medical juries. It took its place in the rankings among many hair transplant clinics in Europe. Medhair Clinic is the address of a dedicated team and successful results.

Quality, Affordable Prices, and Great Results

In addition to the stunning natural results and the impressive quality standards of the leading clinic, the price is also convincing. Compared to reputable clinics in Europe and the United States, hair loss patients Medhair Clinic usually costs up to 70% less. The main reason for the strikingly low costs is the standard of living in Turkey. From travel to real estate to grocery shopping, there’s more for less here. Medical services such as hair transplantation are not excluded. They are also much cheaper than many countries in Europe.


Another good reason for the low prices is all-inclusive packages from leading Turkish clinics. Medhair Clinic, for example, offers its patients comfortable general packages that have thought of everything that matters. Whether it’s a transfer from the airport or an overnight stay in an elegant star hotel, laser treatment, free hair analysis, the versatile carefree package leaves nothing to be desired by the patient.


Medhair Clinical Expertise – The Most Modern Methods

If anyone is interested in medical advances, it’s Medhair Clinic. Expert teams work passionately on the latest transplantation techniques and integrate them into the clinic’s repertoire, using only the best for their patients.

Saphir FUE hair transplant is very popular. Thanks to its ultra-thin sapphire blade, it is even more sensitive and careful about hair transplantation. The same is true for DHI hair transplantation. Here the extraction and cultivation take place in almost one step. The shorter the grafts from the natural nutrient source during the surgical procedure, the sooner encapsulated. And the shorter their connections, the better their chances of survival.

When it comes to anesthesia, the modern clinic primarily uses soft anesthesia. Not only is this painless, but the patient also remains fully conscious. Reading, watching TV, talking, going to the toilet – it’s all okay. Soft anesthesia gives him the maximum possible flexibility.

All in One Medhair Clinical Benefits

Is there a hair transplant turkey Istanbul clinic that brings together everything that matters? There is. Medhair clinical sets a good example. The highly acclaimed hair transplant center in the middle of beautiful Istanbul meets the demands of every patient. Providing comfortable accommodation close to the clinic, expert advice before the procedure, a reliable service, a modern environment, or a fair bill with no hidden costs, the Turkish hair transplant clinic brings the dream of fuller hair easily, quickly, and cheaply. True. Numerous reviews and before and after hair transplant pictures are the best proof of

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Christmas Gifts: The Best Way to Surprise Your Loved Ones



Little by little, we are approaching some very special dates for everyone. We are talking about Christmas, the day that is traditionally meant to be with family, but sometimes it is not possible. It’s also a day of great surprises and gifts, but how can you surprise those loved ones, friends, or family who are thousands of miles away? It turns out the answer to this is simple, and we’ve found the solution for you: Gift Baskets Overseas.

Gift Baskets Overseas is a company that has specialized in the delivery of high-quality gifts in more than 200 different countries. Thanks to them, surprising your friends, family, VIPs next door and around the world is easy.

Why send gifts at Christmas?

While any time of the year is good to surprise those you love, Christmas has something special that makes it just a little bit different. We all like to receive gifts, no matter how small. Being far away from those you love shouldn’t stop you from being able to send your well wishes in the form of a thoughtful Christmas Gift. It is a way of indicating that they have remembered us and that they care.

Best of all, the gift market today is enormous, and you can find an almost endless amount of items to give away. The trouble is making sure that what you buy actually gets to your recipient! If you are interested in seeing exactly how easy it can be to send gifts, we invite you to click here to discover many Christmas gift options that can be sent anywhere in the world.

What are great gifts for Christmas?

As we’ve stated earlier in this article, there are many options to give at Christmas, but we want to make sure we get it right for you. Let’s look below at some options to choose from when it comes to surprising those in your heart this holiday season.

Typical Christmas Sweets

Amongst the options that we can highlight, we most certainly cannot forget sweets and chocolate. Who doesn’t like a decadent piece of chocolate or decadent treat to help put them into the holiday spirit? Just imagine opening your front door to discover a basket overflowing with tasty morsels of rich chocolate, perfect for Christmas. Each bite is sure to put a little extra love in your heart and joy in your soul.

Fruit Baskets for Christmas

If you’re looking for something more on the healthier side, perhaps consider a basket made up of different types of seasonal fruit, as well as savory nuts. The combination of sweet fruits and salty snacks is a gift that is increasingly in demand as people add more healthy food options to their snacks.

Wine for Holidays and Special Celebrations

If food isn’t a good gift for your intended recipient, why not consider a bottle of wine with which to accompany special meals or dinners during the holidays? A good wine can leave a long-lasting impression. If they aren’t ready for it when it arrives, they can enjoy it later.  You can always add something a little sweet in the way of chocolates to create a truly decadent experience.

Classic Decorations for the Christmas Season

If you don’t like the idea of sending food, or you want to send something that makes more of a lasting impression, try picking out some holiday decor. You can go with a classic Christmas Ornament that they can use for years to come. Or try sending an elegant centerpiece consisting of a candle and flower arrangements in seasonal colors of red, red, green, and even hints of silver or gold!

So now you know! If you want to surprise those people most important in your life, despite the distance, sending an international Christmas gift can be the perfect solution to brighten up the holidays.


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Africans don’t trust each other – my experience with an Ethiopian taxi driver in Las Vegas



Ameyaw Debrah at palazzo gondola

My recent trip to Las Vegas, Nevada came with many experiences, as I put myself out there to explore the city a lot more than I did in my previous two visits. My first time in Vegas was for one night only, to attend the Miss Universe finale in 2017.  My second time was for the Day N Vegas festival in 2019, which also brought me back for a third time this year.

On day-two of Day N Vegas, I had an experience that corroborated the belief of many Africans, that we do not trust one another.  Due to Day N Vegas, most of the area around the Las Vegas Festival Grounds was closed to taxis and rideshare apps such as Uber and Lift, which made it very stressful to get a car whenever I closed from the festival and headed to my hotel room. It meant that after walking and standing at the grounds for hours, we had to walk quite a distance to look for cars.

My experience was even made worse when the data on my AT&T phone number kept failing, meaning that after all the stress covering the concerts, I couldn’t use Uber to request for a ride.  On the night of day 2, I discovered that there was a pick-up point for taxis within the Circus Circus Hotel, Casino & Theme Park. Sadly the taxis were not coming in as rapidly as I would have wished for. I was the third in line, but it took over one hour of standing in the queue till I finally got a taxi.

When the taxi came, I got in but when the driver asked for the address I was going to, I couldn’t remember the location of my hotel. I mentioned the name of the hotel, but the driver wasn’t familiar with it and insisted that he couldn’t take me if I didn’t get the address for him. I wasn’t willing to waste the hours of standing and waiting to be turned down by any driver. My internet wasn’t working, and I tried to ask him to use his internet Ito locate the hotel, but he was indifferent. I told him “lets go to downtown and I will know where my hotel is,  because it’s not far from the Fremont Street”.

Finally, he agreed and moved on. Then he started a conversation with me, once he suspected I was from Africa. I told him I was from Ghana when he told me he was Ethiopian. He asked about my visit and thought I was a ‘new rich African’ when I told him I was in town for Day N Vegas.

When, I finally arrived at my hotel I tried to pay with a card. Since it was a metered cab, I could see my fare right in front of me, with a POS device for payment. But I noted it was slightly expensive paying with  a card compared to paying cash, so I told the driver that I would rather pay with cash, after all I am African!

Then surprisingly he asked me how much I would pay him, the meter said $18 so I said I will give him $20 but he screamed “no $25!” I then gave him a $100 note to which he retorted, “are you sure it’s not fake?”.  I said no, laughed it off and collected my change.

Watch my vlog on the experience below:

Interestingly, the following night, I had internet, so I ordered for an Uber ride after the Day N Vegas finale, and again the driver was Ethiopian. This time it was a younger driver and we had an interesting conversation about Africa and the civil war in Ethiopia.

I had noticed that there were a lot of Ethiopians in Vegas. Most of the African restaurants listed on Uber Eats are Ethiopian and most of the drivers were too. When I pointed it out in our conversation, he told me that Vegas has the next biggest concentration of Ethiopians in the USA after the DMV tristate.  I also found out that affluent Ethiopians like to buy Mississauga Real Estate styled homes in the USA.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 68,001 people reported Ethiopian ancestry in 2000. Between 2007 and 2011, there were approximately 151,515 Ethiopia-born residents in the United States. According to Aaron Matteo Terrazas, “if the descendants of Ethiopian-born migrants (the second generation and up) are included, the estimates range upwards of 460,000 in the United States.

Some Ethiopians living in the US enjoy using exquisitely designed Ten Point Crossbow in archery games. Football is the most popular sport in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian national football team called the “Walyia Antelopes” won the 1962 African Cup of nations and in 2013 Ethiopia qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations for the first time in 31 years.

Other sports played include basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Ethiopia has a tradition of medal-winning runners: Abebe Bikila, Belayneh Dinsamo, and Derartu Tulu. Haile Gebreselassie has set several world records.

Ethiopia has made remarkable progress in education, with primary school net enrolment tripling between 2000 and 2016 to the current 100 per cent.  Although most children enroll in school, many do not complete their education: 85 per cent make it past Grade 5 and 54 per cent past Grade 8. Progress has been enabled through a sustained government-led effort to reduce poverty and expand the public education system equitably. This has been backed by substantial increases in national education expenditure and aid to the sector, as well as improved planning and implementation capacity at all levels. According to, there is a good number of Ethiopians having higher education in Canada.

Ethiopian national identity is grounded in the long history of Christianity and Islam in the region, and independence from foreign rule since antiquity.

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Money or a treat? The perfect Christmas gift for my hard-working team



Yes, it is Christmas time again and as usual I am thinking of gift ideas for family and friends. This year, all my team members have been amazing, particularly my video team. I had a record number of video productions since we started Ameyaw TV almost four years ago.

A lot of these videos have been event coverages, promotional campaigns, interviews, and our regular contents which this year grew to include formats such as ‘Ameyaw Can Cook’.  Our clientele base grew, and thanks to my team, we met the various demands and expectations. We worked with clients like Rex Originals link building services, for some amazing, sponsored articles throughout the year.

If you follow us on social media, you will know it’s been a fun year for the team as well, with lots of shared experiences around food, travel and more. But for Christmas, I am looking for the cherry on top.  Last year we did hampers for the team and a little karaoke drink up party at work. This year I want it to be a little different so here are my options

That’s because choosing what bonus you will give your staff, if any, will come down to individual factors such as your current and predicted profit margins, the individual tasks that your staff perform, your specific industry and even the way your office operates.

Cash bonus

Due to factors such as uncertain economy and rising cost of living, offering a straightforward cash bonus may be preferred by staff but is the most reasonable option for a small business such as Ameyaw Debrah Media? Well, I have the following options to look at if I want to go that way…

  1. The flat rate

With a flat rate bonus, all staff receive the exact same bonus amount. Depending on your setup, this option is often a great way to ‘level the field’ and to ensure staff see this bonus as a gift, rather than being tied to performance or seniority.

If I choose this option, I must be ready to understand that whatever amount I choose will be setting a precedent for years to come!

  1. The salary percentage

Many small businesses find that by offering a bonus of 1.5 percent of the annual wage, this affords their staff an additional one- or two-weeks extra pay for the holidays. This amount might not buy them a trip to Aqua Safari, but most staff respond very well to this option.

Gift, perks or party bonuses

While cash bonuses are usually very well received by employees, they can often cause too much strain on the company cash flow. Many small business owners choose to offer non-cash bonuses or extra employee perks instead. Imagine a certificate to enjoy foot care for seniors within your staff or their families.

For physical gifts, things like gift certificates for local restaurants or an Xmas Hamper work well. But I’ve done that before!

Another option that is gaining popularity, offers staff additional employee perks around the holidays. Something as simple as allowing staff to finish a couple of hours early in the week leading up to Christmas or offering an extra day or two off over the Christmas period is a great crowd-pleaser and requires no additional budget. But I feel my team will not appreciate this much because our working schedules are already very flexible.

A little pampering

Well as a sign of telling the team they have worked hard all year round; a little pampering won’t be bad at all. Maybe a stay at Peduase Valley Resort with the full complement of food, spa treatment, music and more won’t be bad looking at our relationship with the resort this year. Having a calm swim in their majestic pool, which uses the best odor control chemicals to ensure cleanliness and safety, would be simply good for my team members.


Well I am certainly spoilt with options and I know I will come up with the best treat for the team, that would be within my means.


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Lifestyle – basic rules and recommendations



A properly developed individual system of time allocation for various activities affects the level of a person’s happiness. A lifestyle is a list of a variety of activities that generates a certain style of behavior, rules, habits and rituals. It is formed under the influence of historical, geographical, national, age, professional aspects.

Active lifestyle and entertainment

Hobbies and hobbies take the leading place in human life. People seeking peace of mind choose creative pursuits – handicrafts, reading, learning foreign languages. Adventure lovers – sports, tourism. Trips to different cities and countries for entertainment events are very popular. For example, if you are a football fan, you can purchase a tour to the USA. There are 32 teams playing in the NFL today. The league itself appeared in 1920 under the name of the American Professional Football Association. For 50 years, the nfl logo has been modernized, the edging, color and frame have been changed.

Healthy lifestyle criteria

The number of people supporting healthy lifestyles is growing. This lifestyle is aimed at rejuvenation, improvement of the whole body, adherence to the daily regimen, and rejection of bad habits. Main advantages:

  • Increase of the body’s defense systems;
  • reducing the risk of developing chronic ailments;
  • normalization of the emotional background of the body;
  • maintaining vital activity as long as possible;
  • the presence of a healthy and fit body;
  • delaying the appearance of the first age-related changes in the body;
  • the emergence of new life plans, opportunities.

The main components of a healthy lifestyle are a well-designed diet, sports, good rest, hygiene, communication with society.

A healthy lifestyle contributes to the preservation and improvement of human health and well-being. From year to year, it becomes more and more in demand, because many people want not only to enjoy life, but also to live it as long as possible. And a healthy lifestyle helps with this perfectly, increases the number of years lived.

A healthy lifestyle is the value of a modern person. It is recommended to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle in combination. Better to get used to it from early childhood. The following tips will help you improve your quality of life:

  • you need to go outdoors at least once a week;
  • go for walks, take dynamic breaks for yourself;
  • monitor your health status by visiting a doctor;
  • try to eat right;
  • find a hobby for your liking;
  • travel;
  • relax, communicate with friends and loved ones.

Stress and human health

Positive emotions are important for human health. It is important to be able to relax, lead an active social life. You should not forget about good rest. Relaxation, socializing, and entertainment have a positive effect on emotional well-being. Find something to your liking – someone is fond of cycling, someone loves ping-pong, and someone just football or collects logos of games that are constantly being re-branded.

The lifestyle should not bring additional difficulties, all actions should be a joy to a person. It is better to instill good habits gradually. Over time, you will begin to feel more confident and calmer, and you will be able to achieve goals that previously seemed unattainable.


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