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Ghanaian alleged to be meddling in 2020 US election charged with money laundering



A Ghanaian architect alleged to be involved in a plot masterminded by some Russians to meddle in upcoming elections in the USA has been charged with money laundering.

Seth Wiredu was mentioned in a CNN investigative piece to be using social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — including ones called “Woke Blacks” and “Blacktivists” — to urge Americans to vote for third-party candidates or sit out the election entirely.

CNN’s investigation found the accounts created in Ghana were consistently coordinated, posting on the same topic within hours of each other.

“Instagram accounts appear to have done especially well: the most popular Instagram account built a following of more than 25,000, three times its Twitter audience,” CNN reported.


Documents filed by Ghanaian prosecutors at the Circuit court indicates that Mr. Wiredu who is resident in Novgard, Russia had been engaging in online cyber scam and transferring various sums into Ghana.

These are monies he’s alleged to have obtained through the cyber crimes.

The documents further reveal he failed to justify the source of an amount of 82,443 cedis which he transferred to Ghana over a short period.


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