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Ghanaian DJs from all over the Globe form a Powerful Music Platform



Have our music industry in Ghana and our musicians made the best use of Disc Jockeys all around the world? Does our music industry recognize that harnessing the collective power of Ghanaian DJs around the world does three things; sell our music, sell tickets, attract the world to our culture and music?

 These are the questions Kweku Amoako, a top DJ in Bowie, Maryland stewed on as he began the journey to bring together Ghanaian DJs from all over the world to form the biggest music platform for Ghanaian music in the world.

DJ Akuaa

DJ Akuaa

 DJ Kweks is the name Kweku Amoako goes by. Bringing like-minded Africans around a single concept is not new to DJ Kweks. He started AfropolitanCities, a successful African networking organization which spread all over the United States. Under Kweku’s leadership and guidance, the Blackstar DJs Worldwide was born in July this year with membership of over 250 Ghanaian DJs all over the world.

Kweku Amoako

Kweku Amoako

 It is easy to argue that Ghanaian music has come far but not far enough to make an impact globally.  We should ask ourselves, have Ghanaian music made it to the soundtracks of major Hollywood productions? Have Ghanaian music and musicians regularly made the playlist outside Ghanaian events around the world? Making Ghanaian music a household name around the world is not out of reach and Blackstar DJs around the world are committed to making that happen.

Blackstar DJs are extremely important to the Ghana music industry given that, they directly play music to the consumers and interact with audiences on a more regular basis than the musicians.  Last year, I was hired as a DJ for a non-Ghanaian fundraising event in San Francisco. I snuck in Wutah’s track “Bronya” to see how the crowd reacts. A minute into the song, several people came up to ask about the track, the musician and the genre. They wanted to know how to get the track and some started conversations with me about Ghana, our music and culture.  Thinking back to that moment, DJ Kweks vision became clearer.


 As Disc Jockeys, we clearly understand the music taste of our given audience around the world as a result of our direct and regular interactions with consumers. With this influence, Blackstar DJs want to do our part and bring Ghanaian music and culture to the world by partnering with musicians and others in the industry to introduce new Ghanaian music and reach new audiences.

You may have already heard some of the buzz about this massive initiative on social media. Popular Ghanaian DJs such as DJ Black and Sarkodie’s resident disk jockey, DJ Mensah are two of the many exciting members in the Blackstar DJ Worldwide network. DJ Mensah (Ghana), DJ Fisho (USA), DJ Black (Ghana) and DJ E’Love (USA) serve as advisor members on the leadership team. The official launch of the Blackstar DJ Worldwide initiative is August 15th.

Promo video for Blackstar DJs Worldwide Live Concert – Aug 15th; Video produced by

The music platform will offer a number of exciting features including live dj sets, music charts, playlists, talk series addressing issues with industry, browse and book top Ghanaian DJs around the world. Any artist can reach global audience through the Blackstar DJ Worldwide platform.

 Blackstar DJs Worldwide leadership team is made up of highly educated professional Ghanaians from all across the globe. Together, they form a powerful group of executives with a strategic aim to promote Ghanaian music around the world through partnership with the music industry stakeholders and musicians.

Allow me to introduce you to the leadership team of the Blackstar DJs Worldwide network.

Kweku Amoah (DJ Kweks) – Founder of Black Star DJs Worldwide – Bowie, Maryland

DJ Kweks

DJ Kweks

 Kweku’s DJ name is DJ Kweks. Kweku is located in Bowie, Maryland, USA.  Kweku is a Business, Marketing & Technology Strategist and the founder of AfropolitanCities & DrumPulse Entertainment.
Kweku has been a professional DJ for 10 years and he services the Maryland, Washington and Virginia area. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Howard University in DC, USA and an MBA from Georgetown University

Selassie Ahorlu (EmperorVibes) – Los Angeles, California

Selassie Ahorlu

Selassie Ahorlu

Selassie is an event promoter in Los Angeles, California. He is the founder of EmperorVibes & Calabash Mafia (event curating and community building organizations). He is also an AfropolitanCities Partner and operates mainly in the Southern California area. Professionally, Selassie works as a Control Systems Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry.

Selassie has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. He holds an MBA from Aberdeen Business School (RGU). Selassie’s passion is networking, music and exposing the diaspora to Pan African culture, starting with my homeland Ghana.

Eddy kofi ( DJ Eddy K) – London, UK

DJ Eddy K

DJ Eddy K

Eddy Grant is a well-known and popular DJ in London, UK. Eddy is a Teacher in the UK and he shows the same passion and dedication to this profession as he does with Djing. Eddy got into the DJ business because he has a passion and love for music. He started collecting music at an early age and naturally went into dj’ing when the time came.

Daniel Kwaja( DJ Kudjo/Phat) – London, UK

DJ Kudjo/Phat

DJ Kudjo/Phat

Daniel Kwaja aka DJ Kudjo/Phat) is a household name in London/Kent, UK. DJ Kudjo is one of the catalyst of exciting and popular music events in Ghana back in the 80’s and 90’s. Daniel is a Lecturer in the UK by profession. Education wise, Daniel holds a CIM Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing (IPS, Legon Ghana), a BA Business Admin( University of Greenwich, London UK) and a PGCE(UCL IoE, London UK)

A passion for music got DJ Kudjo/Phat started in the DJ business. He cares about excellent sound and has a strong interest in DJ’ing equipments. Daniel was the founder Phat Record/Sounds in Ghana in the late 90s and he continues to be very successful in the Dj’ing and music equipment space.

Kwadjo Nyame (DJ PC) – San Francisco, California



Peter Nyame aka DJ PC is a San Francisco based DJ. Peter works as an HR Director in the Tech Industry in Silicon Valley, California. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Rutgers University in New Jersey, a Master’s degree in HR Leadership From Franklin University in Ohio and another Master’s Degree in Science in Organizational Leadership from Northern Kentucky University. Peter has been fine-tuning his DJ skills with a unique repertoire of mixes, music elements and playlists since his college days. and he went professional with an entertainment and a successful DJ business about eight years ago.

DJ PC’s love for all genres of music started at a very early age and he never quit his curiosity and big appetite for music, new and old. He got into the DJ game because he believes every party has to be memorable and DJs hold the key to making that happen.

Albert Asiedu-Ofei (Mixmasterberto) – Ashburn, VA USA



Albert Asiedu-Ofei aka Mixmasterberto is a popular DJ in Virginia, USA. He is Devops Engineer  and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Mixmasterberto is also an AWS certified Developer, Certified Scrum Master, Red Hat certified engineer(RHCE) and Microsoft Azure Administrator. He threw his hat in the DJ game because the clubs were bumping in the 90s.

Joseph Arthur (DJ Big Joe) – London, UK 

DJ Big Joe

DJ Big Joe

Joseph Arthur, popularly known as DJ Big Joe is a Presenter, Producer & Programs Manager at GN Radio in the UK. He is also a Professional DJ at concerts, clubs, bars and major events. Professionally, DJ Big Joe is a Qualified Sound Engineer and the founder & partner of 2NDIINONE Entertainment, an events, artists management, promotions & consultancy. His consultancy business also handles Pro sound systems, equipments rentals & logistics.

Joseph holds a Diploma in Sound Engineering, Digital Film Production & Music Business) from the SAE Institute London School of audio engineering. He also holds a Diploma in business & economics studies from Unity College London. Like most of the executives. Dj Big Joe loves music and has a desire for expressing himself and creativity through music to the world. He also loves the financial & economic benefits of being a DJ and Consultant.

Michael Kwame Asante (DJ Kwasante) – London, UK

DJ Kwasante

DJ Kwasante

Michael Kwame Asante goes by DJ Kwasante and is located in London. DJ Kwasante is a Professional Sound Engineer/Sound Analyst, Criminal Investigator and Security Consultant. Kwasante is the CEO of Next Level Sounds UK and co-founder of Next Level enterprise group. He is also a Radio Broadcaster and has 20 Years of professional Dj’ing to boast of. He holds a B.A (HONS) in Business & Administration.  His love for music and creative arts made him decide to become a DJ and he has not regretted this decision.

DJ Mensah (The Untouchable) – Accra Ghana

DJ Mensah

DJ Mensah

DJ Mensah is one of the best and talented DJs in Ghana today. He refers to himself as untouchable because his skill set is unique and top musicians in Ghana rely on him to provide top quality sounds every time he is called upon. DJ Mensah has been a professional DJ since 2000 and he continues to find success in the music and entertainment industry. He lists GIJ and RABODEF as his certifications. He holds a Diploma from Accra Poly and a Degree from Central University. DJ Mensah’s passion and love for music drove him to become a DJ.

Jonathan Djan (Selector Decker) – Manassas, VA

Selector Decker

Selector Decker

Jonathan Djan is a fun-loving and experienced DJ serving audiences in the Manassas Virginia area. Selector Decker is his DJ name of choice. Jonathan is a Management Consulting /Product Manager and he has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Ghana. He also holds an MBA from the College of William & Mary in the United States. His certifications include PMP, SASM, CSM, and AWS. Like most DJs, his love for music is the driving force behind Selector Decker’s place behind a Controller rocking a party.

In conclusion, every stakeholder in the Ghanaian music industry must embrace the Blackstar DJ Worldwide group. Blackstar DJs will always have their ear to the streets and they will be the first to know which new artists have a buzz, what songs are fully embraced by the consumers worldwide and which songs fails to garner a positive audience reaction.  Blackstar DJs can provide reliable and valuable feedback to musicians and the Ghanaian music industry while promoting our culture and we cannot wait to play our part in the industry.

Ghana Stand Up!!

By Kwadjo Nyame


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Gospel Musician Efua Black Celebrates Birthday With Father’s Home



Takoradi-based gospel artiste, Mrs. Ellen Tsibuah also known in the music circles as Efua Black has donated assorted food items to the Father’s Home Care Ministry at Anto Aboso in the Shama District as part of the celebrations marking her birthday.

Although Efua Black’s birthday fell on Tuesday, 12 October, for the purpose of convenience, she chose to celebrate the occasion on Saturday, 16th of October to extend love to the orphans at the children’s home.

She donated numerous food items including fresh tomatoes, tomatoes pastes, pepper, frozen chicken, fish, onions biscuits, and drinks among others.

The children of the Home were engaged in numerous fun and exciting activities to put smiles on their faces and to give them a sense of belonging.

According to Efua, orphans also yearn for the presence of their parents when they see other kids in society with theirs and this phenomenon could affect their self-esteem when they don’t get similar care and love.

She added that spending her birthday through the extension of the love of Christ to the children was timely and a step in the right direction for her ministry.

“As a gospel artiste, my main purpose is to preach Christ through my music and extend the love of God to these children. I am here, to make them feel part of a bigger society. These children may feel some sense of loneliness when they see other children with their parents, this could affect their self-esteem, therefore, it’s our responsibility as a society to enhance their sense of belonging and continue to show them, love  “.

Efua expressed her heart warm gratitude to the caretakers of the Home for their services and advised them to continue doing more towards uplifting the plight of every child at the Home as there are more blessings in such work but could equally turn out to be a curse when the children are not managed well.

“The Bible says love to orphans and widows is one of the greatest blessings, if they are not well managed, it could be a curse for the caretakers, so it behooves on us to do our maximum best to secure the happiness of the children for God to also bless us”, she stated.

Efua black called on well-meaning Ghanaians, benevolent organizations, and the Government to extend helping hands to the Home.
She hinted at the   release  of  her second  single, title ”Reign”, a contemporary worship song  come Monday 18th October 2021.

Receiving the items on behalf of Father’s Home Ministry, Janet Anderson, a parent at the children’s home expressed gratitude and for the love and kind gesture of Efua Black and friends in considering to celebrate her birthday in the home since she could have chosen to mark it at any place of her choice.


She thanked the team and prayed for God to replenish anything that had been lost through the sacrifice to put smiles on the faces of the children.

The Father’s Home Care Ministry currently has 100 children who are being catered for with some in primary, Junior, and Senior High school as well as others in numerous Tertiary Institutions across the country.

Story by Kwame Offei

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Guinness and 3 Music Network hold Master Class for young creatives in Kumasi



Guinness and 3 Music Network held an engaging Creative Master Class for over 50 young and budding creatives in Kumasi with the aim of spurring them to growth.


The 2-hour session held at the Golden Bean Hotel in Kumasi featured Incredible Zigi, a celebrated Dance Artist and choreographer, Oheneba Yaw Boamah, a multiple award-winning Fashion Designer/Creative Director of Abrantie the Gentleman, Baba Sadiq Abdulai Abu, Founder / Managing Director of 3 Music Networks (Organizers of 3 Music Awards) and George Britton, Talent Manager / CEO of GB Records, moderated by NYDJ. The facilitators shared their success stories, challenges, and tactics of excelling in their various crafts.

The Guinness Creative Master Class follows the successful outdooring of the Pan-African Guinness campaign, Black Shines Brightest. The campaign celebrates creativity, ingenuity, and the energy that resonates when individuals come together, fizzing with optimism, creativity and potential.


Speaking at the Creative Master Class, Head of Beers (Heineken Portfolio and Guinness Trademark) at Guinness Ghana, Roland Kwasi Larbi Ofori emphasized that Guinness, through the Bright House Experience platform and the Creative Master Class, aims to drivee thought leadership and conversations about the creative arts.


“In Ghana, there have been concerns within the creative arts industry on discussing specific topics and this stifles growth.We partnered with 3 Music Network today to debunk these myths and encourage creative arts enthusiasts to believe in themselves and overcome any fears they have because indeed, Black Shines Brightest.”


The Creative Masterclass, which consists of a series of panel discussions, will move to Tamale then Takoradi and finally in the capital city, Accra. Guinness will continue to inspire creatives to be proud and confident, to look to each other for inspiration, bring their ideas to life and take on opportunities.


Speaking to the young and aspiring creatives from Kumasi, Incredible Zigi said he had worked extremely hard for several years before making waves and eventually being recognized by Guinness to headline a campaign. He encouraged the young creatives to carve a niche for themselves by nurturing their creative skills and talents.


After the Master Class, The Bright House Experience, a fundamental part of the Guinness Black Shines Brightest campaign was unveiled in Kumasi. This is a model bar which serves as a cultural space and a hub for people to connect and energize each other with creativity, inspiration and, of course, a cold bottle of Guinness.


On his part, Baba Sadiq Abdulai Abu, Chief Executive Officer of 3 Music Network said, “Platforms like Black Shines Brightest by Guinness is one that the creative industry needs at this time of our industry growth. We are grateful to Guinness for this opportunity as this helps Ghanaian creatives showcase our potential, flair and imagination to the rest of the world unique way’’.


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Be Vigilant: WorldRemit issues statement on fraudulent money-doubling scheme in Ghana



WorldRemit has issued a statement following a warning from the Bank of Ghana for the general public to be wary of a money-doubling scheme operating in Ghana under the pseudo name “Worldremit”, saying, the scheme is fraudulent and does not reward investors as promised.

The Central Bank made it clear that, this fraudulent scheme is distinct from the globally renowned Fintech, “WorldRemit” which is in the business of international fund transfers.  WorldRemit has since issued an official  statement on its website concerning the matter, as follows:

Dear WorldRemit partner,

We’re aware of recent fraudulent attempts to impersonate our brand online in Ghana – using our name or pseudonyms like Worldremit or World Remit.

We aim to be ever-vigilant in our approach to cybersecurity and fraud prevention measures, and do our best to shut down these sorts of attempts when we see them. The reality is that there are many fraudsters on the lookout to scam customers out of their money or personal details. This is not unique to us, but is a very common tactic used by unscrupulous people who target our industry.

Ways we minimise the impact of fraudsters:

1. Educate our customers on security measures, including our most recently published Security Guide, which you can find online here:
2. Report and remove fraudulent accounts that are active on the various social media sites where we operate
3. Only ever use secure connections through our website and app, which use a bespoke, in-house machine learning model to protect against fraud
4. Utilise a bounty programme which pays white hat hackers to find vulnerabilities in our system to then be patched and secured immediately
5. Implement next generation antivirus to keep our system secure from any fraudulent attempts to access our systems internally
6. Adhering to PCIDSS compliance to protect all cardholder data

As always, we seek to keep our customers safe from all online scams where our service is concerned. Some simple steps we would urge our audience in Ghana to adhere to are:

  1. Check that they are visiting our official website (you will see a secure lock pad in the browser window next to our URL).
  2. Check that you are downloading our official WorldRemit app before making any transactions. We will never ask for your personal details over our social media sites in a public forum, such as full name, address or bank details. We take your safety very seriously and request that if you do see any instances of people acting fraudulently that you join us in reporting them on whichever channel they appear.

Thank you for your help in this matter,

Your WorldRemit team


WorldRemit is a cross-border digital payments service that provides international money transfer and remittance services in more than 130 countries and over 70 currencies. It was founded in 2010 by Ismail Ahmed, Catherine Wines, and Richard Igoe.

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Baileys Delight marks World Liqueur Day in Lush Style



Baileys Delight, a light and lush cream liquor with a taste of African honey with rich dairy cream, has commemorated this year’s World Liqueur Day in a playful and indulgent way.


The first of its kind to be celebrated in Ghana, World Liqueur Day is set aside to celebrate and appreciate the plethora of liqueurs across the world.


As part of the celebrations, Baileys Delight popped up in town to share the delightful experience with its patrons by gifting them a delightful box containing items such as  Baileys Delight infused chocolate bar, a branded glass and a bottle of Baileys Delight — right from the heart of Baileys.

To reiterate the celebratory moment and leave a lasting impression, the gifting came with a customized festive balloon. The goal of the gifting is to share a delightful experience with Ghanaians and rekindle the light taste of Indulgence in their lives.


Some of the patrons who benefitted from this gifting spree include Tiktok stars Wesley Kesse and Say Logan.  Others include media icon Chrystral Karyee, Nana Made in China, Asantewaa Neizer, Gisela Amponsah, Akosua Win, and a host of other inspiring figures. Beneficiaries were also delighted about the message of responsible drinking and urged that others explore the platform for more.


Baileys Delight remains the delectable offering of choice from the makers of Baileys Original Irish cream, and offers a flawless fusion of Cream Liqueur with an African twist to present a perfectly silky, smooth, and delicious treat. Baileys Delight is invitingly charming.


The deliciously light cream liquor ingredients are a product of meticulous craftsmanship, innovation, and delicious trendsetting that Guinness Ghana is renowned for.

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Top YouTube Analytics Essential to Grow Your Channel



Having a successful channel is more than growing views and subscribers. There are a lot of factors that come into play when analyzing your channel’s growth. In addition to view and subscriber count, strategizing with more metrics in mind provides the transparency you need to grow your channel.

It can feel overwhelming and like a foreign language, but Promolta has broken down the analytics you need to watch to create more successful videos and in turn, grow your channel!

1. Pay Attention to Impressions

Impressions are the number of times your video’s thumbnail appeared on a user’s screen. This is a great metric to see how visible your videos are on the platform and where users are more likely to see them.

To dig a little deeper, the impression click-through rate shows the number of people who clicked on your video from just seeing your thumbnail. This helps you determine which thumbnails and titles work for pulling in views. And not just views, comparing this metric with average view duration lets you see how long people watch your video. Having a high impression click-through rate and high average view duration means users are responding well to your thumbnail and title and are interested in your content.

2. Keep Up with Watch Times

It’s just as important to keep track of views as it is to keep track of watch times. Watch time is the number of minutes your viewers have spent watching your content. Identifying which videos gain the most watch time can help you determine what content your audience prefers. This metric is key to gain more visibility as the YouTube algorithm pushes videos with high watch times and engagement.

3. Examine your Audience Retention

Similar to average view duration, audience retention shows how long your viewers are watching and when they stop. It also shows specific times in the video that your viewers engaged with most. This metric allows you to break down your video second by second and discover key moments that pulled in your viewers. This is useful information to keep in mind when you create your videos.

4. Identify Your Traffic Sources

Identifying where you pull in your viewers from is important to help you bring in more. Traffic sources are where on YouTube your viewers click on your videos and what external sites they come from. Keeping track of your traffic sources can help you strategize marketing for those top sources and bring in more viewers.

5. Learn Where Your Videos Are Being Shared

Similar to traffic sources, you want to know where your videos are being shared. Looking at the sharing service metric lets you see what social media sites your video is being shared to and where your video is being embedded. This is essential to create more shareable content for your viewers, pull in more views from external sources to grow your channel.

6. Discover What Devices Your Viewers Uses

What device your viewers are using can influence what videos they watch. Looking at the device type metric will show you where most of your views come from. Mobile users might be more inclined to watch shorter content while computer users might apt for longer videos and playlists. With this data, you can optimize your content for the device type most viewers use and pull in more engagement.

7. Study Your Card Click-Through Rates

Card click-through rates measure the percentage of viewers who click on your cards. It can also show which type of cards your viewers prefer. Analyzing this metric can guide you to identify your most engaging cards and even the best timing and placement. You can use this data to implement engaging cards into all your videos helping bring in more views and subscribers.

Learning about your viewers is vital to learning how to keep your viewers and gain more. While there is a litany of metrics available, these core analytics are always relevant no matter how big your following grows.

We hope you enjoyed this blog.


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H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, H.E Paul Kagame To Grace YouthConnekt Africa Summit



The Government of the Republic of Ghana, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Youth Authority, in partnership with the YouthConnekt Africa Hub and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), will host the 2021 YouthConnekt Africa Summit.

The Summit, which will be held from Wednesday, 20th October to Friday, 22nd October 2021, is based on the theme: “Africa Beyond Aid: Positioning The Youth for The Post COVID Economy and AfCFTA Opportunities.”

This will help highlight coordinated trade and job creation policies and ignite a conversation on social investment in African Youth.

As a hybrid event, the summit will take place at the Accra International Conference Centre and Online.

The 2021 YouthConnekt Africa Summit will provide a platform for all partners involved in youth development to strategize around policies, programs and partnerships that position African youth to cater for the AfCFTA and advance regional integration.

The summit will also positively impact the creative industry through skills development, sports, tourism and the digital economy.

The President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame and other keynote speakers with experience in entrepreneurship and trade will be speaking at the Summit.

Other noted speakers include the Minister for Youth and Sports in Ghana, Hon. Mustapha Ussif, the Minister for Youth and Culture in Rwanda, Hon. RoseMary Mbawazi and Ahunna Eziakonwa, the UNDP Assitant Administrator and Director, Regional Bureau for Africa.

The 2021 YouthConnekt Africa Summit will offer, over the three days, a combination of informative, high-level plenaries, panel discussions, keynote speeches, small group workshops, research presentation and off-site activities.


Further details can be found via:

About The YouthConnekt Africa Summit:

The YouthConnekt Africa Summit is an annual convening that connects youth from across the continent and beyond with policy influencers, political leaders, public/private and development sector institutions to engage, discuss, design, and accelerate youth empowerment efforts at the continent level.

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Watching gossip makes playing online a much more enjoyable experience. A good show can certainly improve any immersion. The bitcoin casino scene has exceptional games available for you to play while watching your shows. Crypto casino is a great way to mix gaming, and gossip, as you can watch all your shows, and it will be an enjoyable experience.