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Ghanaian Event Organizers to have Marketing Support in Local and International Markets



Event has become a part of the lifestyle of most young people around the world. For those who want to satisfy their desire to discover diverse cultures and to travel, an Event in a different part of the world allows them to check some boxes off their to-do list.  There is also the conversation of those who do not or can not travel but wants to have fun right where they are. For both categories of event lovers, VIPSOCIO fills the gap.

VIPSOCIO is an online Ticketing, Cultural, and Discovery platform that provides the avenue for event patrons to know the next event, what to expect, and to buy a ticket to the event. Most importantly, it is a platform where event organizers get to tell the vast visitors of the website about their event and how to be part of it.

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For most event organizers in Ghana, a helping hand to market their event both on the Ghanaian and international market makes a difference in the success of their event. VIPSOCIO, which is an international platform will give marketing support in projecting Ghanaian events that onboard their events on the platform to sell tickets the marketing support on international platforms in the diaspora. Aside from pointing young event lovers in the diaspora to the events in Ghana, onboarding events on the VIPSOCIO platform to sell tickets to events comes with marketing support in the local market in Ghana.

VIPSOCIO has officially extended its services to the Ghanaian market and will be available to answer and assist all event organizers in Ghana on how to be on the platform.


The Lead Of VIPSOCIO in Ghana Commented that:

Ghana has become the hotspot for young people around the world to converge every year to experience culture, travel, and events. VIPSOCIO is happy to be part of that culture. Our presence here in Ghana is to help Event Organizers reach and sell more tickets to their patrons scattered  around the world and to also bring the events to the fingertips of attendees wherever they are around the world. We simply want people to attend events the VIP way.

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