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Zen+Magazine+Africa+Front+Cover+Dpiper+Twins+March+201The fabulous Dpipertwins cover the March issue of Zen Magazine, marking the magazine’s first time ever to have twins on its covers. Styled in bathing suits from Kamokini, the gorgeous twins talk about their fashion life, the women who inspire them, life as twins and life in New York. 

Check out the Editorial note:

Elsewhere in the issue, we have interviews with fashion models Myever AkinleyeKosiso MadukweTahiry Bah and Nuneaton Anyansi; romantic travel adventures with 3 amazing resorts in Africa; red carpet dressing; monochrome inspirations; beauty tips; how to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget and much more!!!. Our most trending topic “Is racism in modelling now the norm?” is open to views. Please tell us if you have ever experienced any form of racism. You can read the cover story at: