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Ghanaian fitness trainer, Dovies is taking fitness entrepreneurship a notch higher



34-year-old Ghanaian fitness entrepreneur, Foster Agyei popularly known as Dovies has been causing a wave on the internet with his ripped body as well as insane workout routines for years. 

So what does it take train the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor,  Steven Appiah, and Nana Kwame Bediako? Certainly the professional nature of the  Dovies Brand cannot be ignored. It has taken him around the world to train with fitness enthusiasts in the USA, Canada, UAE, France, Germany and more.  His  Doviesfitness (Fitness App) available on iOS and android is taking him even closer to more of his fans around the world, as they have first-hand training from Dovies.  

According to Dovies,  the lack of regular physical training could increase the risk of preventable diseases like heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure anxiety, depression and stress. “Physical training is something everyone should take serious. You have to train not only because you want to gain weight or lose weight but basically to keep fit and be healthy. In the days of old, people did more vigorous and energy sapping work like farming, hunting, walking long distances and what have you. But, these days, our lifestyles have changed and we need to make time to train. We have to train to maintain good health.”

If you don’t have enough time to go for workout, you can consult with a nutritionist to get the best diet plan. A proper diet plan can also keep your life balanced.

Dovies training with Emmanuel Adebayor

With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Dovies is one of the fitness trainers in Africa. No wonder Togolese international footballer Emmanuel Adebayor recruited him as his personal trainer.  “It is a beautiful feeling working with Dovies. He is an African brother I got to know through Instagram and I contacted him and he was available to work out with me. Dovies has his own way of working out which is different from what I have been seeing abroad. And it is beautiful working with him.

Dovies with Emmanuel Adebayor

“He can form a work out session out of anything. You put coconuts there and he knows how to make you work out with it. You put a bottle of water there and he knows how to use it to do work out. I like working out with him and we normally play African music in the background. I believe we should learn to promote our ‘own’ and this guy is doing a great job,” Adebayor testifies of Dovies.

According to Dovies, he trains people who want to learn about fitness, taking them through the process and guiding them on how to go about it.



@doviesworkout for workouts and inspirational messages

@Doviesfitness – for full workout and details of fitness app

@Doviesofficial personal page for sharing photo and  physiques



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