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Ghanaian forex trader, Rutherford Orlean-Banks is ready to heed his call to guru-hood



Rutherford Orlean-Banks (Maybach Forex) never imagined he would one day become a professional forex trader with success this enviable and limitless. But today, he is one of the best out there, and we sat with him to hear about his epic journey to riches and the legacy that awaits him in the years ahead.

After a challenging nine-year run in the volatile world of forex trading, you best believe Rutherford Orlean-Banks (Maybach Forex) has seen it all, both the good and the ugly. “Do you know how many beginners quit forex trading in their first two years?” he asks a few minutes into our conversation. “90%. I’m part of the 10% that never give up. That was never an option for me because it was either forex or nothing”.

It was a grueling path to success, no doubt, especially with Rutherford (Maybach Forex) setting his dreams of tertiary education aside. But after years of not caving in; amassing the requisite hard skills; overcoming the dreadful learning curve that broke the hearts of many; and standing financially sound than ever imagined, Rutherford (Maybach Forex) is finally ready to step forth and heed his call to guru-hood: “I want to lead the next generation of Ghanaian forex traders to success and provide a platform with which I can empower anyone interested to take up the business of accessing the financial markets seriously”.

It is obvious the requirements for having such a lofty goal are hefty, and in a field as fiscal as the Maybach Forex leading light’s, affluence lies at its core. Lucky for him, the young, adept trader is brimming with the two. “I made my first $100,000 somewhere in 2019”, he shared, adding: “That was my big breakthrough. It was a well-deserved break from the punches the markets had thrown at me since I began in 2013, and it set the pace for my subsequent exponential growth”.


Beyond these mouthwatering figures, however, lies Rutherford’s (Maybach Forex) brilliance in accessing the financial markets. This distinct skill has since seen him inducted into the Hall of Fame of HotForex Markets Group. Outside of this stunning achievement, the super-composed forex whizz also holds a “Platinum Trader” badge on the reputable Cypriot broker’s platform and awards that include: Trader of the Month (January 2021), HotForex Traders Awards Winner (January 2021), HFM Traders Award Winner (May 2022) and Trader of the Month (June 2022).

Simply put, the Ghanaian is a beast in the relevant field. And with a top reputation, consistency and a good understanding of the world’s financial markets under his wing, Rutherford (Maybach Forex), just like the financial titans who inspire him – George Soros, Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones, etc. – is ready to mentor the next generation of forex traders in Ghana. He is eager to weigh in on the hype about forex trading in the country after watching from the sidelines for so long.

As such, there is more to expect from Rutherford Orlean-Banks (Maybach Forex) in 2023. He plans to host a podcast, YouTube channel and a MasterClass to help instill the combative spirit of the forex trading’s successful ten-percenters (like himself) into anyone willing to be independent of the system and succeed at it. Get up to speed with what he has coming our way on his social media profiles below:

Snapchat: Richtrader_arow


Instagram: investor_maybach

Twitter: arrow_maybach






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