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Ghanaian influencer KWEKU GENELORD “Edwuma Wura”‘s page hacked and deleted for giving out too many free jobs



KWEKU GENELORD “Ghana Edwuma Wura”, a prominent figure on Facebook, known for his dedicated efforts in helping people find jobs and offering free accommodations, recently faced a significant setback when his page was targeted and eventually deleted.

The group behind this, suspected to be recruitment agents who charge for job placements, reportedly hacked and removed his page due to the threat it posed to their business model.

However, undeterred by this incident, KWEKU GENELORD “Ghana Edwuma Wura” has taken a resilient approach, creating a new page to continue his mission, offering job opportunities without any cost to the users.

His journey as a job market influencer commenced with a vision of bridging the gap between job seekers and potential employers, understanding the hardships faced by job hunters.


His goal was to construct a platform that not only connected job seekers with job providers but also provided empowerment and support in their respective fields.

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