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Ghanaian photographer Ofoe Amegavie selected for the West Africa Visual Journalism Fellowship



Ghanaian photographer, Ofoe Amegavie has been selected as one of the three talents for the World Press Photo Foundation’s West Africa Visual Journalism Fellowship.

The World Press Photo Foundation, in collaboration with The Chocolonely Foundation, launched the West African Visual Journalism Fellowship (WAVJF). To run in 2020, this program is a one-year fellowship for three emerging visual journalists and storytellers to contribute to investigative journalism in West Africa.

This program is for one fellow from Burkina Faso, Ghana and Ivory Coast, who will choose stories in their communities in West Africa. With a production grant of €5000 to undertake a journalism project of their choice in their communities in West Africa, their stories will be published by the local community. 

Taking to social media, the World Press Photo Foundation announced its selected talents.

Ofoe Amegavie is known for capturing the intimacy in his culture and heritage.

Ofoe’s works include Susuma Sane which explores the artist’s battle with depression. The first edition of Susuma Sane, entitled “Oblivion to Chaos,” depicts his mother’s experience with depression before her death and was hosted by Alliance Francaise in 2014. The second edition, “Courage To Love,” was featured at Elle Lokko warehouse in 2017. The work presented depicted Ofoe’s own battle with depression, related to thoughts surrounding the circumstances under which his mother died.

In 2018, “After The Road Makers,” a documentary photography series, earned Ofoe a nomination for Ghana’s foremost art prize, the Kuenyehia Prize for Contemporary Ghanaian Art. The series covers the traditions, cultural practices, and festivals of his home country. It was part of the “Daily Graphic” exhibition of the first Nuku Photo Festival Ghana (2018). Ofoe also hosted a solo exhibition of the series at the fashion showroom Bello Edu.

As a fashion photographer Ofoe has worked with brands such as Peet Dullaert, Duaba Serwa, Heel the World, Charlotte Privé, Brommon Suits. He was the on-set photographer of the award-winning feature film “The Burial of Kojo” (2018).

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