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Ghanaian Poet; Apiorkor to lead Discovery Session at TED2023 Conference



Accomplished Ghanaian poet, Apiorkor Seyiram Ashong-Abbey, has been selected to lead a highly-anticipated TED Discovery Session at the prestigious TED2023 Conference, to be held at the Vancouver Convention Center, Canada, from April 17th to 21st, 2023.

Apiorkor, an outstanding public speaker, recognised for her lively and engaging Poetry and profound teachings on Social Justice, diversity, culture, and women’s empowerment, delivered an electrifying performance at the 2020 TEDWomen event, with her Poetry gaining widespread appreciation. Her entertaining demeanour, use of Verse Journalism, and in-depth grasp of human behaviour and social issues have gained an even wider international fan base since her debut at the event.

Recognised for her thought-provoking Poetry, pioneering the concept of Verse Journalism and activism for social change, Apiorkor will on Tuesday, April 18th, lead a 90-minute TED Discovery Session, a workshop of sorts, with around 30 participants on the theme, “Everyone is a Poetry,” to share her unique thoughts on the power of words and their influence on society and Social Justice. 


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Also, as a TED Alumni Speaker and a member of the 2023 Speaker Ambassador Cohort – a Mentorship Support programme for TED2023 Speakers – Apiorkor will serve as a “Speaker Ambassador”, mentoring one or two speakers at the Conference. 

Apiorkor’s selection as a “Discovery Session” Leader at the TED2023 Conference demonstrates her brilliance, inventiveness, and determination to use her voice to make a difference. She joins a distinguished group of thought leaders from disciplines as varied as technology, science, art, and social action who will share their ideas, ambitions and possibilities for a better society.

“I am thrilled and honoured to have been selected to lead a Discovery Session at TED2023  and designated as a TED Speaker Ambassador this year. It’s a huge validation for my work and the Literary Arts in Ghana,” said Apiorkor. 


“The TED Community has been an ocean of inspiration for me, and I am excited to give back by helping fellow speakers bring their ideas to life on the TED stage. Words are powerful tools that can shape our perceptions and catalyse social change. I am excited to share my perspectives on the transformative power of language, Poetry and its impact on society with this year’s conference community.”

This year’s Conference aims to be highly informative and thought-provoking, bringing together renowned speakers and creative ideas from across the globe to imagine the most outlandish of Possibilities. The choice of Apiorkor to design and lead a Discovery Session is a watershed moment for African Poets and Artists; her insights will engage and excite the audience.

“We are honoured to have Apiorkor as a Discovery Session Leader and a “Speaker Ambassador” at TED2023,” said Susan Zimmerman, Speaker Community Director at TED. 

“Her passion for empowering others and exceptional empathy and human engagement skills make her an invaluable addition to our mentorship team. We are confident her presence will enhance, inspire and engage our Speakers and global audience.”


TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a worldwide platform best known for its famous TED Talks, in which notable speakers from various professions share their ideas and insights in impactful speeches. The annual TED Conference gathers innovators, thinkers, and changemakers from across the globe to inspire and challenge the audience with varied viewpoints and ideas.

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