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Ghanaian Reggae artist Roo Dube takes on corrupt African politicians in new single ‘Only In Africa’



Only In Africa is about the actions of corrupt government officials of African countries that have denied many of their citizens the much-needed development.

In his latest critique of politicians in his song, the Ghanaian musician and producer lambasts government officials for always looting the public purse at the expense of the poor taxpayers.

Roo Dube in the song uses lyrics such as “Only in Africa, all they know is money. Only in Africa they loot and run. Some politicians are lying, stealing, and looting. All they know is money, nothing good comes out to the paint the picture of the massive loot and share of the monies and resources of African governments.

Roo Dube released a song in 2021 which caught the attention of many worldwide.


The song titled “Lockdown’ was inspired by the Coronavirus pandemic and how it is essential for Ghana, and the African nations to hold each other against western influences and bullies.

“Only in Africa’ is produced by Oshogbo and available on all music platforms.

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