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Ghanaian Web Designer places Ghana under an umbrella



A picture they say can tell a thousand words. They capture stories, emotions, beauty and special moments. Based on this, a Website Designer has created an online space to house amazing and quality Ghanaian photographs. Created by a Ghanaian team, aims at solving everyday problems of designers, bloggers and individual photo enthusiasts in Ghana on one platform as well as connecting them to professional photographers. Ghana has a unique culture and some amazing things and places to share with the rest of the world. In the past, Africa of which Ghana is part had been poorly represented to the world. Some photographers in Ghana in recent times have taken it upon themselves to bring out the beautiful part of Ghana through their lenses. Some have captured really beautiful moments, places and people in Ghana but are hardly able to share these with the world. That is another problem seeks to solve. On this platform, professional photographers as well as individuals can share their beautifully captured images in Ghana ranging from architecture, nature, personalities, animals and food with the rest of the world with ease. Professional photographers and other users can sign up to the website for free and upload their pictures. Bloggers, companies and designers may be inspired to download these pictures on and use them for their projects. Photo users can send donations to photographers to show appreciation through a feature that easily allows photographers to add their mobile money account number when they sign up on The innovative Ghanaian photo hub will make photo sharing easy not just for image users but also individuals and amateurs who want to share quality pictures captured with their cameras with the rest of the world. Fonibia was created with a simple determination of getting the best out of the Ghanaian photographer and to help Ghanaian photographers explore and get better online exposure for their wonderful works. The creators of, Icynets, develops and maintain websites. While developing a website for a client who needed Ghana pictures for that project, the team at Icynets, led by Mesh Konadu, could hardly find free quality Ghanaian photographs online for the project, hence the birth of]]>

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