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Ghanaians call for change in Fix The Country campaign online



The people of Ghana have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #fixthecountry to discuss the present state of Ghana. Unemployment, dumsor(erratic power supply), irregular water supply, education, terrible roads, and galamsay(illegal mining) are harsh realities the average Ghanaian is forced to live with.


For those living under a rock, Galamsay is the immersion of illegal mining which is destroying our land and waters. Between Galamsay and the Chinese learning to develop cocoa, many would consider this an attack on Ghana’s sovereignty.

Celebrities and socialites such as Efia Odo, Yvonne Nelson, and Micheal Blackson are demanding that our president and politicians do the right thing and initiate change for a better future in Ghana.

Ghanaians, what are the changes you would like to see in Ghana?

*fix the country image created by @Kenneth_ashi*


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