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AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town20AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town20Meet ‘The African Gatsby’ – the dazzling new collection by Ghanaian label AfroModTrends which was successfully debuted at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town last Friday. Following six versatile collections since the label’s inception in 2011 is AfroMod’s latest collection ‘The Great Gatsby’ inspired by the of a Gatsby party in all its glamour and splendour set in the 1920’s, with a modern African twist.AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town1 “The 1920s was a time of great change in the world of fashion for women, with the introduction of new styles and perspectives. This era redefined womanhood and bridged the gap between wealthy and working class women,” Ami Yomekpe, architect and the Creative Director of Afromod Trends, explains. AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town2 “My vision with this collection is to showcase a glamourous African woman in luxurious Afro-fusion garments inspired by the Great Gatsby. With African inspired fabrics from Printex Limited as well as fur, feather, fringing and sequins in a nod to the era, this collection displays the silhouette of the feminine form with luxurious attention to detail. It is also a first for us in the sense of a truly luxury collection from a predominantly ready-to-wear brand.”AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town3 AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town4 The South African debut, Ami believes, is a crucial milestone for the label and a great platform to introduce the brand to the South African market. “After six years of establishing the brand in the Ghanaian market, I feel now is the time to explore new markets across Africa and I can’t think of a better platform than MBFWCT. It has been an exciting few weeks preparing for our debut here and both the label and our collection have been received well by the South African audience,” the designer said following her show at the Salt River Studios on Friday, 7 April.AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town5 AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town6 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town is the latest runway show under Ami’s fashionable belt. Having built one of Ghana’s most celebrated fashion labels, she has previously showcased at fashion shows at home and internationally, most notably at Nairobi Fashion Week, Glitz Africa Fashion Week, Accra 2014, Oxford Africa Gala Dinner, United Kingdom (2015).AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town7   A blend of the words African and Modern, AfroModTrends, like its name, aims to create the perfect blend of African inspired and contemporary, affordable ready-to-wear with a touch of luxury, bridging the gap between bespoke and ready-to-wear without compromising on the quality.AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town8 Ami fell in love with all things fashionable at an early age whilst watching Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN back in 1980, fascinated with fashion from all over the world, interviews with designers, all-access backstage passes and the models on international runways.AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town9 It was not until a chance meeting much later, however, whilst working on her dissertation that she took the first steps of her fashion journey. Following a series of interviews, the late Kofi Ansah, a trailblazer and celebrated Ghanaian fashion designer, who revolutionised the industry in Ghana, became a mentor and encouraged her to pursue her passion.AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town10 Ami is also a versatile entrepreneur, whose business insight was recognised in 2016 by the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) when she emerged as one of the winners to claim $5000 seed funding prize after successfully completing a twelve-week start-up enterprise toolkit online training, submitting three progressive narrative reports, attending the Tony Elumelu entrepreneurship forum and submitting a viable business plan.AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town12 Ami not only launched the label’s own retail space in 2013 in Accra’s bustling shopping district, Osu, often a luxury for most brands in Ghana, she set up the Fashion for Change Africa Foundation to address social challenges and empower the youth through fashionable projects that impact communities positively.AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town15 The designer aims to follow up with a resort collection shortly after her South African debut. The designer’s goal is to make AfroMod the ultimate brand in ready-to-wear Afro-fusion label for the contemporary, fashion-conscious, Afro-centric woman and The African Gatsby is the latest salvo in the designer’s bid to evolve into markets beyond her native Ghana. AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town11 AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town13 AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town14 AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town16 AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town17 AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town18 AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town19 AfroModTrends at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town21 Photography: Nick Klaus Makeup: MAC Cosmetics Hair: GHD]]>



Best popular summer fashion trends 2022



jackie appiah

A blend of invigorated works of art and striking new top picks are well known for the current year. Conventional gems like pearls and gold hoops get an update and make through motivate you. A portion of these are the reestablished staples, and others make for the strong style individual. These are the most recent extra patterns spotted at Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Weeks.

Quality sunglasses:

As well as safeguarding your health, wearing sunglasses assists you with seeing better in light. Select cat-eye SL 214 Kate sunnies by YSL for the best sunglasses experience.

They cut down on glare and work on the varieties and differences of your view, so you can more readily take in your open-air environmental elements or drive all the more securely. Indeed, even on overcast days, wearing sunglasses while driving can work on your vision.

It cut down on glare. Assuming you’re out fishing through driving. You’ll likewise have the option to see past the outer layer of water. It’s all the more effectively without that brilliant, intelligent glare.

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Beret with Net:

The easy and snazzy adornment just got a redesign this season. This blend of a fascinator and cap is incredible for a custom-fitted group, for example, a sundress or belted shirt dress. Keep the outline of your outfit and gems insignificant to underscore the Strong headwear. To shake the seem to be a genuine Parisian, put it on the head, covering the majority of your brow, and an inch behind your ears. Pull one side down. So it sits on a slant.

The easy and snazzy adornment just got a redesign this season. This mix of a fascinator and cap is phenomenal for a custom-made group, for example, a sundress or belted shirt dress. Keep the outline of your outfit and adornments negligible to underscore the headwear. To shake the seem to be a genuine Parisian, put it on the head, covering the majority of your brow, and an inch behind your ears.

Layered Double Chain Necklaces:

To the extent that gems go, you can never have sufficient chain pieces of jewel. It has to turn into a staple for each style. It’s not moving this season. This year, we’re layering different chains over one another to make a multi-layered and stylish look. Utilizing shifting lengths will make the deception of a more extended neck. It looks perfect with a plunging neck area. Adding two of a similar plan can add a troublemaker contact to any troupe. It is an exemplary piece of gems. You will be wearing it for quite a long time in the future.

Thick High Heel Boots:

Like clockwork, stout shoes take the front seat. This season, we’re putting a cutting edge twisting on the famous ’60s and ’70s stages. From lower leg length to something over the knee, it is a pattern that will clear the style scene. There are so many ways you can wear footwear. Add an overcoat, a midi skirt, or a small-scale dress to grandstand your pins and these intense boots.




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People & Lifestyle

Charity Meets Fashion for Ghana’s Health – UKGCC Raises Funds For UGMC With 1st Royal Ascot Ladies Day Commemoration In Ghana



IMG 20220622 WA0012

The UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC), a member- based trade association that promotes bilateral trade between the UK and Ghana, has raised funds to support the establishment of a clinical trials unit at the University of Ghana Medical Centre. The UKGCC raised the funds while commemorating the first Royal Ascot Ladies Day Event in Ghana at the Polo Court Gardens, Accra.

Ascot, one of Britain’s most well-known racecourses, holds a special week of races in June each year called the Royal Ascot, attended by Her Majesty the Queen. This week has become Britain’s most popular race meeting, welcoming over 300,000 visitors all dressed in their finest attire.IMG 20220622 WA0015

The UKGCC’s version of the Ladies Day , co-hosted by Ace presenter and radio and Television personality, Nathaniel Attoh, and Ghanaian actress, Sika Osei, paid homage to this iconic British tradition.

As a charity fundraiser, all proceeds from ticket and raffle sales will be donated to the UNIVERSITY OF GHANA MEDICAL CENTRE (UGMC) MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CENTRE (MSRC) FUND RAISING COMMITTEE.

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Executive Director of the UKGCC, Adjoba Kyiamah, remarked that “The UGMC MSRC was chosen because given the backdrop of the recent global pandemic, now more than ever, we need more clinical trials in our country to help identify the best treatment for diseases in our environment. The UGMC’s work, in undertaking research, will discover new treatments, methods and procedures to improve the health status of Ghanaians, Africans and the world and so we must support their efforts.”IMG 20220622 WA0014

Dr. Chris Owoo, Clinical Lead, Ghana Infectious Disease Centre, Ga East and member of the UGMC MSRC Board, expressed gratitude to the UKGCC for organising the charity fundraiser and added that as the first purpose built clinical trials centre in Ghana, the unit will research both foreign and locally manufactured (including plant-based) drugs.

“The opportunity to invest in the health of our present and our future population is now and what we do at the moment will determine where we will be when we have another pandemic or other disease conditions that continue to plague us”.IMG 20220622 WA0010

He appealed to other organisations and individuals to support the establishment of the centre, slated to be completed by the end of this year, and drive the change the country needs.

The 1st Royal Ascot Ladies Day Experience in Ghana concluded on a high note with memorable highlights that included

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Chalé Socks ‘Athletics Collection’ Designed for People with Active Lifestyle



IMG 7971

The new Chalé Socks Athletics Collection is an active wear range carefully designed for people with active lifestyles.


The pieces seek to capture the competitive spirit of Africa into an active wear piece and provides an alternative to already established and well-known brands.

IMG 7940

Chalé Athletics is made up of three pieces, the MaskMan X, Chalé WVS and Chalé WVS ankle socks and with plans to introduce new designs seasonally. MaskMan X comes in yellow and black while the Chalé WVS waves comes in black and off-white. The ankle comes in off-white, beige, black colours.

IMG 7899

With seamless and quality ribbed knit design, the Athletics collection promises to provide and make all who wear it enjoy comfort, unmatched style, and optimum all-round performance.

IMG 7840

Kurtis Kudjo, Designer and Co-founder at Chalé Socks shared that “it is our intention to compete in the global market of athletic socks and we are making a bold statement with the launch of our Athletics Collection.”

Every piece in the Chalé Athletics Collection is composed of 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex and features Signature WVS insignia print to the side/Signature MASKMAN™ X insignia embroidery, CHALÉ logo print to the side.IMG 7807

Chalé Socks is a Ghanaian brand offering culturally inspired socks while telling stories of strong African heritage. The brand is inspired by the creative exploits of the people of Agotime-Kpetoe, a weaving community in the Volta region of Ghana. Chalé Socks are made for people who not only choose to walk or run their own path but are also willing to ensure others have the opportunity to do the same.IMG 7788

Every purchase of a Chalé Socks goes to support the brand’s “OneChalé Project “ which gives back to children in creative but underprivileged communities.

Products of Chalé Socks can be purchased via website and also stocked in Ghana at LokkoHouse, Wild Gecko, Naya by Africa and The Lotte. In South Africa at AfricaRise, in Germany: Akuas Family, AfroSchick, USA: Adorn Me Africa, IndigoStyle Barbados: Afro.disiak.


Contact: +233 302906839 WhatsApp: +233 558738540 Instagram: @chalesocks

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Hamamat Montia is pregnant with baby number 3




Hamamat Montia

Former Beauty Queen and entrepreneur, Hamamat Montia has shared news of her pregnancy. (more…)

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Nana Kofi Asihene Is Hitting His Stride



Nana Kofi Asihene

It would be impossible to tell the story of Nana Kofi Asihene’s career without moving across multiple mediums. As a designer, filmmaker, and creative director Asihene’s influence on the creative industry is impressively multi-faceted. But to hear him tell it, the journey has only just began and the only way is up.

Nana Kofi Asihene’s love for fashion and the creative field started very early when he would either go to the library in Accra Central and read old fashion and style magazines or buy them from the back stalls of the Odorna Station in Circle. Perusing those pages gave him an eye for the arts. His foray into creating was nurtured while studying Visual Arts in Accra Academy and the creative process crystallised while getting a Diploma in Fine Art from the Ultimate School of Art.

The arts gets a bad rap in Ghana, however, coming from a family of creatives like Theodosia Okoh and T-Michael, Nana Asihene always knew what was possible with art.

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He spent the following years getting a degree in Textiles from KNUST and setting himself up for a career as a fashion designer. He won the British Council International Young Fashion Entrepreneur and was a finalist at the Redds Fashion Design Awards. He apprenticed for Jimi Delaja Couture and started his own fashion line. His young fashion line would set him in the path of the late Kofi Ansah who became a mentor.

Then came the pivot into the visual medium. As a student in KNUST, he had dabbled in making music videos. Therefore, it became easy to direct music videos for musicians who needed them. He helped shape the music video industry in Ghana.

In the last decade, he formed NKACC, a brands and communication company, where he is the Creative Director and Lead Consultant. He has worked with brands such as Tullow Oil, Old Mutual, Dalex Swift, Vodafone Ghana, KFC Ghana among others.

To talk to Asihene is to have a conversation about film, photography, business strategy, and fashion. The depth of his knowledge and experience is an unending well. He has helped shape a lot of businesses’ brand identity, creative culture, advertising campaigns and brand communication goals. Gaining an MBA adds another layer to the knowledge he dispenses.

Exploring where he wanted to go, he created the Nana Asihene Design Studio. This is the product design studio, that focuses on user centric design, African craftsmanship and aesthetics. The ethos is rooted in the essential characteristic of African art being both aesthetic and functional

Having 20 years experience in any industry is not a cake walk. However, for Asihene this is the time to build and harness all those years of experience to position him as a creative consultant who helps brands and organisations build strong emotional connections with their audience through strategic creative communication.

This is a full circle moment for Asihene as he gets ready to launch his new collection. It is only right for him to enter into his new era paying homage to his first love, fashion. His attention to detail is evident in this collection. The clothes by their very nature are not at all timid; they are simple in cut but not in impact.

“When you’re a perfectionist like I am, no matter what you do, you never really feel satisfied or that it was perfect enough,” he says. “That’s one of the things that drives me, I always feel there is something more to do”

over Size Shirt with Stitch detail + Kimono inspired Dip dyed Cotton pants

over Size Shirt with Stitch detail + Kimono inspired Dip dyed Cotton pants

Notched Collar Shirt with Stitch detail Kimono style Dip Dyed Cotton Pants

Notched Collar Shirt with Stitch detail + Kimono style Dip Dyed Cotton Pants

Grind detail Silver Ring for Men

Grind detail Silver Ring for Men

Dip dyed White shirt with Kiss detail

Dip dyed White shirt with Kiss detail

Writer – Aphua Larbi Amoah
Photos- Benjamin Adu
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Larry Jay makes debut international catwalk showcase in Switzerland



NZ6 7227

With a few new pieces added to the recently launched ‘Soyayya – “Love” – Collection’, master craftsman, Jafaru Mohammed of Larry Jay, made a strong showing at the Fashion Trunk Show during the African Fashion Night event held at the Kunsthaus Zürich, an art museum in Zürich, Switzerland a couple of weeks ago.

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Presented in bold orange and blues, Larry Jay’s unisex outfits, mostly created using Northern fugu fabric, elicited much applause from the eclectic audience during the catwalk show.

Photos by Stefan Heesch, Nordfriisk Photography

NZ6 6951 NZ6 6978 2 NZ6 6993 NZ6 7005 NZ6 7012 NZ6 7041 NZ6 7042 NZ6 7099 2 NZ6 7178

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