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Gifty Anti confirms leaving GTV and reveals her new career!!!



gifty antiVeteran TV host, Gifty Anti has confirmed my earlier report that she is leaving GTV by the end of December.  She  disclosed  on Facebook that her resignation from Ghana Broadcasting Corporation after sixteen years of dedicated service and hard work was not influenced by money as news from certain quarters of the media suggest. She explained: “My dear friends, yea it is true that I have resigned from GBC. 31st December 2013 will be my last day at my alma mater in terms of work. After over 16 years that chapter will be closed. Effective 1st January 2014, I will become the chief employee officer of GDA Concepts Ltd. I shall also become the Official Begger for the Girl in Need. Thank you for accepting me into your homes, offices etc for all those years. For those I annoyed forgive me. To those who loved and supported me irrespective of my flaws, THANK YOU. No, I am not going to work at any other station!! I will be at GDA Concepts LTD. I know it’s not going to be easy. I know it is going to be challenging. I need you to remember me in your prayers!!! I need you to be there for me like you have been in The past years. It is scary. But with God all things are possible!!! I believe God will see me through this next phase of my life. I am Going into 2014 with a clean slate, starting all over again!! Remember me in your prayers my friends and thank you for being there for me!! God bless.” She added: “The Standpoint will still be aired on GTV though”]]>

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