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Gifty Osei threatens to sue the media over publication of video claiming she fell at a wedding



launch of new Geisha soap[/caption] Last week, I published a video that had gone viral because it featured a woman believed to be gospel singer, Gifty Osei falling down at a wedding.  Well, the “Yento Nkyia” has threatened to go to court. Gifty Osei in a press statement forwarded to and signed by her manager, Stephen Kenneth Nakujah has threatened to sue three giant media houses who published the false story. The statement asked the media houses to write a rejoinder apologising to the artiste. Gifty Osei’s decision to take legal actions against these media houses comes days after she released a statement to debunk the report that she was the lady who fell in the said viral wedding video.

“The management of Gifty Osei is on this day 18th of January 2017 issuing this statement to the public and the media at large to debunk a story making rounds that Gifty Osei had fell flat on the ground in a particular wedding reception. Just some few days ago, the management of Empress Gifty Osei came across a video making rounds on some main stream online news portals and on social media claiming the said video which had an innocent woman fell flat on the ground as a result of using a red carpet at a particular wedding reception was Gifty Osei. The management upon seeing this lies being spread all over made an official statement to the effect, debunking that the video wasn’t our artist Gifty Osei and that, it has no link with our Empress. We expected those media houses to have apologized and write a rejoinder to that effect but they decided to remain silent on it and allow the lies to continue.
This spread of false hood has invited a lot of insult and blackmail on the person of our artist. We therefore, want to sound a word of caution to all the news portals that had anything to do with the spread of this falsehood to write an apology letter or write a rejoinder with immediate effect in order to stop this blander going round. We give them just three days starting from today or else, they are going to hear from our lawyers.,, among others are the tools for spreading this falsehood. We have had a very good working relationship with your firm over the years and so we are disappointed in you for not calling on us to verify to know whether indeed, the image you saw in the video was Gifty Osei or not. In as much as we don’t want to destroy the working relationship your firm has with our management, we hereby appeal to you to do the honourable thing by writing a rejoinder to that effect. Failure to do so, will push us to serve you with a court summon. The management want to also let our numerous fans and love ones who have been disappointed in what they saw in the video to exercise patience. The rumour is absolutely a misrepresentation of character. It is never your Empress Gifty Osei. In any case, what happened to the poor woman can actually happen to anybody irrespective of your status, so therefore, we sympathize with the woman. Management: Stephen Kenneth Nakujah

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