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Girls fight over T-Wizzle’s swagger

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Girls fight over T-Wizzle’s swagger

What seemed to be an event to bring celebrities and individuals together to raise funds in support of people living with Kidney disease unit at the Korle-Bu Hospital at the Boomerang night club ended up creating serious trouble for musician T-Wizzle also known as the ‘Swagger King’.

Few minutes after the event seemed to have reached its climax whiles others troop out of the venue, a serious feud ensued between two ladies who were skimpily dressed in their ‘am aware’ jeans and handless tops to match. T-Wizzle who was at the VIP lounge at the time of the fight had no idea what was going on outside the forecourt of the venue.

The ladies in question were said to have come to the event to also show their love and support for the show without knowing T-Wizzle will be showing up too. One of them who gave her name as Constance said she has been going out with the musician even though they haven’t been going out for a long time now.

She stated that she called the musician a day before the event to know if he will be coming with him but he said he had other plans so she decided to go to the event alone. She also said that she was not really expecting to see her boyfriend at the event but to her amazement, she was told by a close friend of the musician that the musician was in the VIP lounge chilling but didn’t say whether she was with a lady or not. Out of curiosity she decided to go and find out for herself.

On reaching the VIP lounge, she met T-Wizzle and the two decided to walk around the auditorium. Constance who met a friend in the process for moment came back only to be told that T-Wizzle was downstairs in an uncompromising position with Belinda, a Facebook fan who just met T-Wizzle at the venue. Belinda explained that she has always been a fun of the artiste and had called him earlier before the show and the two had agreed to meet for the first time and have a chat. In the cause of the chat, Constance came to the scene and that sparked a serious fight that nearly made the musician go berserk.

In attempt to separate them, the musician was hit in the face by one of the ladies and left the venue furiously. In a phone interview with the artiste to confirm the story, he said he has no idea about what happened and that he doesn’t have anything to do with all the two ladies in question. ‘This is serious; I had no idea about what transpired at the event. These ladies must be joking’, he added.

T-Wizzle still believes he loves his fans very much but will not want to see any lady toil with his career as a musician which he has worked so hard for. At the moment he is still putting finishing touches to his album which will be released very soon.

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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