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Giuseppe Nkansah presents ‘Birth of an Icon’



The usual quality content demanded by my regular, avid readers and serviced dutifully through my posts is strongly contested, if not bested, by this unveiling of fashion icon, Giuseppe Nkansah.

The UK-based model has paved a bold print in the international fashion fabric and continues to assert his stand. His career has been entertaining to watch as he has adopted an upward trajectory with enticing content that have been published in notable fashion print such as FourWall Magazine and several other fashion blogs. .

Nkansah has worn and advertised for competitive and influential brands such as Studio D’maxsi, Kwame the Designer, Kennet Boateng, Emperor Klinton and Nat Fash, starkly stretching the playground for his comrades and raising the bar for upcoming models. Speaking of upcoming models, the prodigy has inspired  a robust fodder of upcoming models unlike any other.

His newest concept work, designed by the artistic mind himself, is groundbreaking. It features Giuseppe seated with majesty on a throne with a roaring lion at his feet and iconic framed images craftily placed at vantage points.


“We often make the innocent mistake of thinking that pictures are just meant to be looked at,” Giuseppe Nkansah educates,” but we need to reawaken to the fact that every image is a story frozen in time and space.”

“A picture takes over when words fail and, using symbols, symbolism, imagery and design, tells it better than words ever could. As the saying goes, you say it best when you say nothing at all. You say it best when you say it with a picture,” says Nkansah.

And so the framed insert picture of his late father holding Giuseppe’s little daughter is meant to symbolize the fluidity of transitions form ones ancestry into their future. It captures the importance of the wisdom of the old in informing the dreams of the young. Our pasts must not be forgotten and our future must not be let down.

On both sides of that frame are two pictures of Nkansah in African print and Western outfit respectively. This communicates his  versatility and also his Ghanaian origins and Western work environment. This marriage of worlds also represents tolerance, solidarity and unity.


A third, framed image joins those two to commemorate his journey and struggle through the modeling craft. It is a shot of him in shirt with the sleeves rolled up and chest bared. He does not look like he’s putting on the ritz.

The throne is elegant. It asserts that the reign must continue unabated. It holds on to the legacy of the father, the dreams of the child and the fervent effort of the model and claims a spot in today’s fashion world that will and must be held.

The flowers in his hand tell of good luck. His honor, purity, of mind and heart and a call for good health, long life and prosperity.

The lion stamps in the authority and power of his label.


Giuseppe himself is the central king figure of the image. He adorns a rich fabric designed by D’Maxsi. The V patterns in the beautiful blue garment  tell of victory earned by effort. He is richly ornamented with gold necklaces reminiscent of royalty.

So the story is told by the picture in more detail than these words ever could. Photographer and concept designer Metaka Art Studio captured the stunning image and incorporated the detail to perfect the fine art.

Giuseppe admonishes us to persevere in daring and ambition.

He says, “No one can take from you what is rightly yours. With commitment and purpose, you can claim your space  because you are more than a conqueror.”

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