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Global growth and future opportunities for the casino gaming market



Over the past years, the casino industry has experienced an immersive growth. With the development of technologies and growing user base, many businesses have emerged or transferred their presence in the online space.

Online slot games have been the main driving force to online casino concepts, and this decade will surely be exciting for them. With their engaging gameplay, appealing themes and design concepts they’ve made a breakthrough on how casino games are perceived. Adventure, lifestyle, pop culture and other games like Eye of Horus, an ancient history-themed game inspired by the Egyptian civilisation, are games that are on-demand between players and gaming developers. By the end of 2020, the global online casino market is expected to reach up to $60 billion. This shows that the competition between casino providers will be more intense and the developers will have to bring their games forward in the best way possible.

What is in store for the online casino industry and how technology will change the world of online casinos? Keep reading to find out what changes we can expect in the online casino market for the next decade?

Marketing to different generations


The reality of 21st-century marketing is that the one-size-fits-all campaigns don’t work. If you want to develop marketing strategies that engage your target audiences, it’s essential to understand the differences between generations and adopt tactics designed to engage each of them.

Segmentation by life cycles and other factors is important to make sure you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Use audience insights to connect with your target audience and for most businesses, target audiences are spread and mixed between several generations. Learn to adapt your message to each generation in a way that resonates with them and never assume that tactics which work for one demographic will also work for another. Each generation requires different marketing communication efforts.

Changes in consumer behaviour habits

When looking at the online gambling market, you can easily spot an evolution in consumer behaviour due to the increased popularity of social gaming and the introduction of casino applications. These trends will surely promote this industry in the next decade.


Today, marketers take complete advantage of how you can access apps or platforms on several devices. The adoption and usage of smartphones are increasing day by day, and more progressive casino games are released online to create a social experience for players. This experience not only offers the possibility to engage and interact through games but also allow players to compete in a safe environment.

Cryptocurrencies will dominate the casino industry

Last year was revolutionary for this fintech niche, as many online casinos embraced the use of cryptocurrencies. In 2020, it is expected that many online platforms will use this opportunity and get on board since cryptos are accepted in most parts of the world as a payment option. For many players, making withdrawals and deposits in the form of digital currency is more convenient. They not only offer strong digital security but also maintain the anonymous status of a player.

Considering how sensitive and aware people are when it comes to exposing and submitting personal data online, players more often opt in to be anonymous or untracked while playing. This is why they prefer cryptos, so they won’t have to worry about additional challenges like online hacks and identity theft. Experts agree that cryptocurrencies will make the next breakthrough in the online gaming space.


Welcome bonuses and offers

If you looked for online casinos, you might have noticed how competitive and crowded this market is. In order to attract a new audience and retain existing ones, casinos have started to be more creative in their offers and bonuses. These offers may include no deposit bets, free spins, customised one-time chances and more. This is a great tactic because you get an impression that every info is transparent and properly communicated, and it’s up to the player to choose which one corresponds to its needs.

We expect to see great changes in the gaming industry, especially in the online casino market. Online casinos will improve their services and witness the launch of new marketing concepts. Even though these trends already took significant steps forward on the market, they will gather more attention because of the continuously evolving technology. 

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