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Global Lab Network to host Prof. Bruce Bassett of the University of Cape Town, AIMS South Africa in Science Cafe



Prof. Bruce Bassett

Global Lab Network (GLab), an organisation building a STEAM Community for social impact, will be hosting Professor Bruce Bassett in the June edition of Science Cafe. The event will be held on June 25, 2021 via Zoom on the topic: Cosmology – Study of the Entire Universe.  This edition of Science Cafe will explore fundamental questions about the origin of the universe and the changes it has undergone over time and space. The event will also host Sarah Abotsi-Masters of the Ghana Planetarium to share on astronomical organisations and resources in Ghana, and discuss contextual issues around scientific research in Africa.


Prof. Bruce Bassett, Senior Resident Researcher, is head of the Cosmology Group at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) South Africa. Bruce is a graduate of the University of Cape Town (UCT), where he obtained his MSc in Applied Mathematics. After completing a PhD in Trieste, and a postdoctoral fellowship in Oxford, he lectured at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at Portsmouth University. After a sabbatical at Kyoto University he returned to Cape Town to a joint position, Professor of Applied Mathematics at UCT and astronomer at the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO).


Sarah Abotsi-Masters is the General Secretary of the African Astronomical Society (AfAS), a National Astronomy Education Coordinator (NAEC) for Ghana for the Office of Astronomy for Education (OAE) and a member of the PRAGSAC project team (Promoting Radio Astronomy in Ghana through School Visits and Astronomy Clubs), which uses astronomy to promote STEM and hands-on science through school astronomy clubs.


Science Cafe is a knowledge exchange and networking platform that connects scientists, innovators, and the general public, to promote community dialogue and scientific inquiry in informal venues such as coffee houses, bookstores, restaurants, bars, and online platforms. GLab has been organising Science Cafes in Ghana since August 2018, with speakers drawn from various professional backgrounds.


At the end of the programme, participants will gain a new and informed perspective of the world beyond the earth, with a clearer understanding of the evolution of the universe, and increased awareness of latest scientific developments in Africa. 


To participate in this free session, register online at

Contact: | Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @GLabNetwork 


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