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Go Slo’s Four Flavours Inspire Consumers To Indulge And Give Themselves A Treat.



Every waking moment on earth is go-time. You have to hurry out of bed, make the bed, take the shower, fix breakfast, get out of the door and head to work or school then beat the traffic, make sure you meet your bosses’ deadlines and or rush to turn in an assignment.

Then you take one meeting after the other, one lecture after the other, then it’s to either rush out of the office to beat the evening rush hour traffic, deal with the two-hour long traffic or just stay in the office till late, hoping that the drive back home is relatively better.

All this while, you forget to take a pause to see the new flower that shot, take notice of the sunset, or even celebrate with the people you care about. That is why all of us need to go slow from time to time and take a moment to enjoy the beauty of life.

FanMilk’s new premium ice cream brand, Go Slo is the perfect thing we need to allow ourselves to indulge and give ourselves a treat.

Go Slo, which is the first locally produced premium ice cream brand is on a quest to get Ghanaians to live an emotionally healthier life by taking life one sweet step at a time with the goal of living a life that is more rewarding and satisfying.


It is the delicious treat all of us need to pause, reflect and reset.

Offered in four different flavours, the delicious Cookies and Cream, the velvety Chocolate Almond, creamy Peanut Butter, and super sweet Salted Caramel flavours, Go Slo’s rich and creamy taste gives you the pleasure of enjoying the good taste of life in a slow-down mode.

The Cookies and Cream flavour really provides a heaven on a spoon escape with each scoop, giving you the combination of eating cookies and ice cream in one go.

Then the Chocolate Almond just brings you to the joy you get when you splurge on something you have always wanted. The almond acts as the perfect companion the chocolate.

For lovers of peanut butter, one gets the joy of pure ecstasy with each scoop of frozen ice cream. In addition, the salted caramel flavour is just pure bliss for anyone who tastes it.


“The Go Slo flavours were carefully curated with the intention of giving you the pleasure of enjoying an escape from your routine and indulge yourselves,” Sam Meyir Dery, Marketing Director, Fanmilk, said in a statement.

“If you love cookies and the sweet taste of ice cream, if you are always craving for some almond with chocolate, if you want to taste peanut butter in a different way in form of an ice cream or you are a sweet tooth who cannot get enough of salty caramel, GoSlo has something for you,” he said.

FanMilk, producers of GoSlo, is part of the Danone family of brands. Over the years, it has become a high value food production company that is dedicated to the production and distribution of healthy food to as many people as possible in Ghana and other parts of West Africa.

This is in line with Danone’s One Planet, One Health vision which reflects a strong belief that the health of people and the health of the planet are interconnected.


FanMilk is currently operating in five different West African countries including Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, and Burkina Faso with their healthy range of nutritious dairy and plant-based products.

Thanks to GoSlo, we’re tasting life slo.

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