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God Promotes My Songs Not Tiktokers – Emelia Arthur



Gospel songstress, Emelia Arthur has added her voice to the roles TikTok stars play in the promotion of songs in Ghana. Musicians, such as Fameye has stated emphatically that TikTok is a major platform that aids in promoting songs but it isn’t a lifesaver for Ghanaian music.

Speaking on Metro TV’s Entertainment Review, the experienced Gospel artiste stated that almost all radio and television stations play her songs although she hasn’t contacted anyone to promote her songs on TikTok. She added that “God promotes my music, not my fellow human. You cannot be more popular than Jesus”. She also accepted the fact that these TikTok starts are doing marvellously well to promote songs on the social media platform.

The inspirational singer also complained about how difficult it is to make financial returns from their works despite the various resources they invest in their music.

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Emelia Arthur released her maiden album, Kyere Me Kwan, an 8-track album in 2014. The album featured the likes of Minister OJ and Esther Smith.


The Made-In-Ghana ambassador is promoting her new song, Osoro Abue. The song, which was recorded and mixed at Wavebox Studios in Kwashieman and released in February is becoming more popular with time.

Listen to Osoro Abue by Emelia Arthur :

God Promotes My Songs Not Tiktokers – Emelia Arthur

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