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Gold Coast celebrates 25th anniversary, as a leading Fund Manager in Ghana



Gold Coast, a fully owned Ghanaian Fund Management firm, started business in August 1993 as the 4th dealing member of the Ghana Stock Exchange and later acquired its Fund Management license. In 1993, the four were Gold Coast, Databank, SAS and NTHC. Today, the industry has well over 22 dealing members (Brokers) and 148 Fund Managers The company which started as Gold Coast Securities is now Gold Coast Holding Company, a full blown investment banking firm with Pension, Brokerage, Fund Management, Asset Management, Corporate Finance & Other Specialized Divisions. It operates the Gold Fund Unit Trust, Gold Money Market Fund, Provident Funds, Pension Funds and provides project financing. Gold Coast is built on the foundation of Faith. Faith in God, Faith in ourselves and Faith in our customers. Gold Coast is the only Fund Manager with the most diversified retail outlets in all the 10 regions in Ghana with 19 branches and still counting. This does not only offer convenience to clients but also, provides a safe opportunity for investment and also, promotes financial literacy and financial inclusion in Ghana. Gold Coast is the biggest Fund Manager in Ghana with over 800,000 clients. This accounts for about 30% of the entire clientele base of the Investment Banking Industry. Our clients include soldiers, police men/women, public servants, teachers, lawyers, rural banks and other finance houses, traders, medical and other professionals. Many of our clients started business with us as early as 1993 – when the firm was incorporated and are still with us. This is a sign of TRUST and LOYALTY. A good number of these clients, counting into thousands, now rely on their investments with Gold Coast to live on in their pension years. Gold Coast has been recognized and awarded for its excellent services in the industry. The awards include; Best Investment Advisor for 2011, Best Fund Manager for 2013 & 2014, Second Best Brokerage Firm for 2017 and Best Research Company for 2017. Gold Coast has made invaluable contributions to the Ghanaian economy by helping to pre-finance over 600 infrastructural projects across the country, including roads, schools, hospitals, bridges, market complexes. Gold Coast practices the investment Philosophy of long term investment with managed risk. For 25-years, Gold Coast has created and preserved wealth for its clients with sound investment advice. Gold Coast has never lost a pesewa for any of its clients, and this will NEVER happen. Funds invested with Gold Coast are safe and are accounted for to the last pesewa. In the wake of the significant challenges being experienced in the Financial Services Industry, Gold Coast wishes to assure its clients that it will continue to work with discipline to ensure that their investments are safe and protected. Clients should therefore be comforted and not PANIC. Gold Coast wishes to further assure its clients who are experiencing delays in accessing its services that all efforts are being made to meet the unusually high demands stemming from the seeming lost investor confidence in the Financial Services Industry. As a senior member of the Fund Management industry, Gold Coast welcomes the new industry reforms and would continue to work with its regulators to maintain the integrity and confidence in the industry and instill market discipline while creating value for its customers. Gold Coast remains your TRUSTED Fund Manager – for 25 years – still offering investment advice worth its weight in Gold.]]>

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