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Golden Icons African Movie Awards assures transparency in coming awards



Film makers and fans have had issues with award organizers based on the selection of it winners. As a result, owners of movie rights no longer submit their movies because it is assumed that the winners have already being chosen thereby the call for submission is an indirect mockery of their intelligence. On the other hand, Golden Icons African Movie Awards (GIAMA) has defined the various categories and criteria on which a winner could be determined. Having done a thorough research, the GIAMA jury and Screening and Nomination Committee (SNC) will select the final award winning entries leaving four categories for movie fans to decide. From the derived facts, voters vote based on like and not because one is a natural actor/actress. It was discovered in GIAMA’s research that some fans actually vote for beauty and handsomeness and for that matter the true winner perish. “The Jury and the SNC are technical people made up of film lecturers, professional directors and film makers. With such team, we promise the best result ever in any Africa Movie Awards” Bode Ojo declares. In the Viewer Choice categories, fans get the chance to vote online for their favorites in the Best Male Act, Best female Act (Nollywood/Ghana) and the Best Male Act and Best Female Act (Hollywood). A creative category, ‘GIAMA Image Awards’ shall be awarded based on an individual’s image off screen thus the ability to keep one’s family together, (depict an off screen image of a good citizen in the community, bearing in mind the responsibilities associated with being a recognizable public figure and a role model). Considering all the odds in the movie industry, the one who balance his/her public life with the family lifestyle will take the category’s plague home.]]>

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