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How to Find a Good Topic for a Research Paper



For some students, selecting the topic for their research paper never seems troubling, but others spend a lot of time researching as they try to find a fitting topic. Finding the topic for your research paper should be an important step and one which you take seriously. Most of the time, the grade one gets is determined by the topic they chose for their research paper. It can also be exhausting and overwhelming because of the many ideas and suggestions. The above often happens when your teacher or professor expects you to come up with a topic on your own as well as the sources you will use to write your paper. From the many domains and fields, you will be expected to think of a specific topic and share it with your professor for approval. Aside from being downright challenging it also determines how your paper will be and to a large extent the arguments you will use in your paper. Developing the skill of selecting a research topic is, therefore, essential and every student needs to think about how they can do it. But if you are here, then you are at the right place. Here, tips on how to find a good research topic will be discussed as well as the viability of each tip. Selecting a Good Research Topic Writers from PerfectEssay advise that you need to develop the habit of reading widely. Reading widely is an essential but non-mandatory requirement for college students. If you read widely, you get to understand different ideas and start seeing the world in a new perspective. Additionally, it gives you with a wide range of subjects to select your research topic from. To select a good research topic, consider or employ the following tips. Brainstorm This is always the beginning and before you do anything, brainstorm some ideas or topics which you find interesting. Determine your opinion on these ideas as well as the issues or things which make these topics interesting to you. Do not forget to write down everything. Conduct background research – background research is quite essential, and you should always start with background research on the ideas you have brainstormed. Background research gifts you the opportunity to find relevant sources and to explore further on the brainstormed topic ideas. Additionally, you also get the opportunity to find keywords used to describe the topics you brainstormed. Develop or create your research question With your ideas, try and develop a research question which you may wish to answer in your research paper. This will help you to narrow your topic and consider something specific you may wish to explore. Narrow or consider the scope of your topic Choosing broad topics is never advisable. A broad topic will leave you with a lot of work to do as you try to include and do everything. Therefore, always ensure your topic is manageable and that you have a topic which can be easily explored. A narrow topic will also make your work easier, and you will have an easy time researching as you seek for relevant information. Develop a list of some keywords which are occasionally used to describe your topic – look for these words because they will help you while conducting your research. As you conduct your research, it is indeed essential that you have certain keywords which can help you minimize the influx of search results. Additionally, a combination of some of these keywords can also help you come up with a topic for your research paper. Avoid rigidity As you conduct your research and write your paper, it is indeed common to change or tweak the topic a bit to fit the trajectory of your paper. It is indeed easier to do this than to tailor your paper to fit your topic. Therefore, be flexible and leave the door open for any future changes you may wish to make on your topic. Examples of Good Research Paper Topics

  • How can the world take advantage of technology in its fight against terrorism?
  • How does the public influence technological progress?
  • How do you think virtual reality can change the health sector?
  • Is global warming really the cause of world hunger?
  • Discuss how ocean pollution leads to unseen yet disastrous effects.
  • Discuss the effect of torrenting sites (Kickass, ThePirateBay, etc.) on copyright and creativity.
  • Discuss the viability and efficacy of abortion laws in the UK and Italy. Is it morally right for countries to have effective legal execution clauses in their constitution?
  • Why is multitasking considered an unproductive method of work?
  • Choose a company and explain how it honors its CSR responsibilities.
  • How do world leaders promote hatred and ultimately contribute to terrorist activities?
Final notes Finally, selecting a topic for your research paper is indeed an important step. By following the steps given above, you will indeed find it easy to select a topic for your research paper. However, note that the topic is a small part or portion of a research paper and that you will have to research and write the paper. Therefore, note the essentials and proceed to write a good research paper. ]]>

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