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Governor of New Jersey announces he has a kidney tumour



New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced Saturday he has a tumour on one of his kidneys, a growth his office says is likely to be cancerous.

His spokesman, Mahen Gunaratna, said the vast majority of such tumors are malignant. The growth meets the standards for the lowest kidney tumor classification of T1A, or smaller than 4 centimeters, he said.

“Friends – I’ve got a tumor on my left kidney and will undergo a partial nephrectomy in early March to remove it,” Murphy, 62, said on Twitter. “The prognosis is very good and I’m profoundly grateful to my doctors for detecting the tumor early.”

Home recovery could last a few weeks, he told Whether or not the growth is cancerous won’t be known until it’s removed, Gunaratna said.

The governor, a Democrat who began his term in 2018, used the occasion to criticize an American health care system that leaves millions with similar diagnoses in the lurch.


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