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Grammys will lose its value if brought to Africa – King Paluta



Reigning Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) New Artiste of the Year, King Paluta believes that bringing the Grammys to Africa would diminish the value of the prestigious award scheme.

Paluta argues that African artistes should continue to travel outside of their continent to receive the awards, as it adds to their prestige and allows them to catch the attention of major music labels.

During an interview on Accra-based United Television, the ‘Aseda’ composer expressed concerns that if the event were organized in Africa, influential music executives might not attend. This, in turn, would not bode well for artists who aspire to attract the interest of prominent record labels.


“They should keep the awards where they are because anything that the white man decides to bring to Africa loses its value. We want to travel abroad to receive the awards. That is a symbol of prestige, and that is what we desire,” he said in Twi.

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The crooner further emphasized that if the Grammys were held in Africa, the absence of major music executives would hinder the artistes’ opportunities for exposure and recognition. He then expressed his desire to win a Grammy and capture the attention of influential figures in the music industry, such as Sony Music. However, if the Grammys were to take place in Africa, he questioned how he would achieve this goal.




In the meantime, the Grammys have announced their plans to expand their reach to Africa. Unfortunately, Ghana has been excluded from the spotlight of this historic event due to its failure to meet the requirements for hosting the awards, unlike founding countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa.

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