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Greats Drinks To Enjoy While Playing The Tables



Nothing eases the tension of competition while playing tables at your local casino better than a good drink in hand. Casinos offer drinks for a reason, and that’s not just to make your experience more entertaining. A good drink makes you more adventurous and tones down the nervousness that may be associated with gambling. Whether you’re at a live casino or enjoy gambling online, these drinks will make your experience more fun, and possibly more lucrative, too. 

Here’s a roundup of our personal favorite drinks to enjoy while playing tables. 


You don’t have to drink alcohol to be a better punter. A good steamy hot cup of coffee will help make you more alert, which is a favorite amongst punters who prefer to be as awake as possible while placing their bets. If you prefer a little alcohol with your drink, add a dash of whiskey to get the best of both worlds. Winning table games are dependent on timing and sharp thinking, so that jolt of Java will definitely help keep your thinking on track. Alternatively, many punters in the master88 online community enjoy energy drinks that promote wakefulness and have the same effect, just make sure you don’t over-consume it to avoid getting jittery. Coffee is especially popular to drink while playing online casino games. 

Elderflower-wine cocktail 

When you’re on the blackjack table, a fine glass of wine makes your evening all the more captivating. The elderflower drink is sweet, while the dash of vodka with just the right amount of ice to go with the white wine base makes the beverage, delicious. Whether you’re on the roulette table or spinning the wheel, this drink as light as it is refreshing. It’s best to ask the bartender not to add too much vodka; it’s all in that fine wine base! 

Mr. Incredible

If an energy drink can give you wings, a Mr. Incredible will catapult you to the moon and back to your table. A Mr. Incredible cocktail is a shot that combines an ounce of any energy drink of your choice with coke. Be careful not to gulp down too many of these, as a single shot packs quite a punch. The best part is, you can easily do this yourself if you’re gambling from the comfort of your home. Plus, you don’t have to waste your expensive whiskey on this, as the flavor of your energy drink will be quite overpowering. 


Fancy cocktails aside, a plain ol’ beer is perfect for most traditional punters who like to opt for something a little easier on the belly, while also keeping them as alert as possible whilst playing their table games. Don’t be afraid to order yourself a satisfying pint of beer, even at fanciest casinos. A gentleman doesn’t have to order the most expensive drink on the menu to enjoy his gambling experience. At the casino, there’s no right or wrong drink – only the best drink for you. That said, if you don’t fancy drinking any alcohol, ordering a non-alcoholic beer or soda will still be just as enjoyable. 

While favorite drinks at the casino vary from punter to punter, sipping on just about any beverage will help ease off the tension and keep you focused and entertained. It’s just a matter of keeping yourself busy to water down the suspense of waiting to see if you’ve won.