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Griff Tyler Is a Real Player In The Game In “Played To The Left”



Griff Tyler is a real player in the game. After making a name for himself as one of the premiere singer/songwriters on the west coast over the past 18 months, then onto the silver screen by guest starring on the popular Issa Rae produced HBOMax series Sweet Life: Los Angeles, he is right back to it. While he did all the right things career-wise, the realities of a musician’s life mixed with fame is not the most conducive for a healthy relationship. On his latest project “Played To The Left: A Love Story Continued” the follow up to his 2020 offering “Play Your Cards Right: A Westside Love Story” Griff explores the story of when the roles reverse and a player, gets played himself. On the cover art he appears next to the same car as PYCR’s cover art, but this time solo, without a girl on his arm, symboling the phase of life he’s currently in.

Like the iconic Beyoncé song, Griff proves himself as “Irreplaceable” and opens his project with that same sentiment taunting those who must not know about him. The following track “High Notes”, Griff reflects on the highs and lows of a relationship and lauds the good times while trying to forget the bad. On his 3rd track “Victoria’s Secrets” Griff describes a woman who is intimidatingly independent, who constantly reiterates this to Griff, giving him a sense of insecurity which he is not used to. PTTL gets a bit raunchier on “Weak Moments” as he and fellow LA R&B sensation Kyle Banks sneer verbally about knowing women they were previously dealing with will eventually cave and give into temptation. Runnin’ Game is a more uptempo radio friendly track which features Inglewood staple Rucci which focuses on how a woman gets a kick out of running game on him. “Fired Up” shows Griff being vulnerable on how upset he is about her playing him, and how uncomfortable it is to be on this side of the coin. “Compete” sees Griff connecting with Airplane James once again who helps tell the story of him being mesmerized by a new one woman. “Nobody But Me” is a Keith Sweat inspired all too relatable theme of selfishly wanting ownership over your significant other and not wanting them to be with anyone with you although you’re not fully committed to the person. After 8 tracks filled with a bevy of emotions, “Respect That” displays about the amount of respect he’s gained for this woman for knowing her worth, and standing her ground. The project ends with a somber reflection of how “Once Upon a Time” their love story wasn’t so complicated, a time when they were on the same page and the pages weren’t so tattered.

Griff Tyler born Aarin Griffin is a 27 year old singer, songwriter, and rapper hailing from Inglewood, CA, with influences like Kanye
West, Drake, Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller. He enjoys exploring melodies and the limitless genres that make up the world of R&B and hip hop. Tyler turned his childhood mischief into his now lifelong passion. Whenever Griff found himself in trouble, his mother would in return have him write standards. Eventually the artist grew to enjoy the repetitious process and began using the time to write stories and poems, and soon enough piece together
complete songs at only the age of 10. In middle school, Griff used his enrichment classes to further explore his writing, which aided his performance in cyphers. By age 16, he began recording with friends and at 20 Griff equipped himself with a team and continued to hone in on his growing passion, creating new music, and accompanying music videos.

In August 2018 Griff released his project “No Service”, highlighting his versatility with no features. While revealing his impulsive and reflective sides, Griff shared his feelings of once being disconnected and ‘losing sight’ of the important things in life. The project features hit singles “Same” and “Mamacita”. In November 2019, Griff released his project, “Free Samples” showcasing his creativity by uniquely sampling nine classic records. His most recent singles “Coffee” and “Guarded” featuring the Diamond Lane Music Group superstar Airplane James center every element and compelling performance he now has to offer in his ascension in the music industry. Tyler aims to become the soundtrack to his listeners’ lives – expressing his vulnerability and relatability within his songwriting, singing, and rapping to offer inspiration, advice, and pure vibes.
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