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Grovenest Inn in Kumasi Commits to Going Cage-Free by 2025



Grovenest Inn is a hospitality provider based in Kumasi, Ashanti region of Ghana. The hotel is joining others such as Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra, Koforidua Guests’ Hotel and 3,000+ hotels around the world to take a stand on animal welfare in Ghana. According to their commitment below which is due in two years, all their eggs will be sourced from poultry farms that do not use battery cages.

“Grovenest Inn is proud to join other industry leaders in formalizing our commitment to sourcing 100% of our eggs (including shell, liquid, and egg ingredient products) from cage-free sources throughout our operations by the end of 2025. We recognize that animal welfare is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe and responsible food supply chain.

At Grovenest Inn, we fully endorse and support robust cage-free egg standards that promote transparency and ensure the elimination of any forms of animal cruelty within our egg supply chain. Our commitment ensures that egg-laying hens are able to engage in their natural and instinctive behaviors, such as nesting, spreading their wings, and dust bathing. These essential behaviors are denied to them when they are confined within cages.

We believe that our commitment to cage-free sourcing not only aligns with our values but also contributes to a sustainable and ethical approach to our business operations. We are dedicated to continuously improving and promoting the well-being of animals within our supply chain, and we strive to be a responsible leader in the hospitality industry.”


This incremental stride was achieved for animals through the advocacy of the Animal Welfare League, a vibrant nonprofit organization promoting better animal welfare practices in the country.

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