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GUBA Careers Launches Internship Initiative



GUBA Careers launches an innovative internship programme for African Diasporans looking to join the workforce in Ghana. This initiative comes as a continuation of ‘The Diasporan Transition’ which provides an opportunity for members of the Diaspora to network with those who have relocated to and from Ghana.

GUBA Careers is a platform that seeks to connect people in the Diaspora with potential employers in Africa. GUBA Careers has created a platform that not only connects Diasporans but also, opens up the dialogue on the experiences, challenges and logistics of relocating to Ghana. Participants over the years, have expressed their desire to experience Ghana and its workforce before relocation, but have had difficulties finding companies to facilitate such.  In lieu of this, GUBA Careers has decided to partner with companies who have supported and participated in the previous careers programs and other leading companies in Ghana, to provide this comprehensive internship experience in Ghana.

Speaking on the internship initiative, President of GUBA Enterprise, Dentaa Amoateng MBE expresses:

“This is a very significant and exciting initiative for the GUBA Careers and GUBA Enterprise in general, as we have received many queries over the years about internship programs of this nature.  Such an initiative will provide an experience of life and work in Ghana for the participants, prior to moving permanently. We believe that this is the right time for such an initiative as many are looking to venture into new careers and frontiers in their potential relocation plans.”

Prior to this launch, a pilot version of the internship program was conducted- Stephanie Offei-Ntow, a recipient, secured an internship with renowned law firm – CQ Legal. Sharing her experience, she adds:

“I reached out to the GUBA Careers team to assist me in obtaining legal work experience in Ghana. With their help, I was able to secure work experience at CQ Legal & Consulting, an award-winning boutique law firm and consulting firm based in Accra. I was given a great opportunity to network, acquire a greater understanding of the Ghanaian legal system and engage in high quality work that provided me with credible experience. I will highly recommend reaching out to the GUBA Careers team, as their assistance has been invaluable.”

GUBA Foundation, the charitable arm of the GUBA Enterprise, also undertook an internship/volunteering project in Ghana in 2019. Registered nurses were given the opportunity to intern at hospitals in Accra, enabling them to learn and familiarise with the health industry in Ghana. The success of this project also set precedence for this internship initiative.

The success of the ‘Year of Return’ has led to many desiring to relocate to Ghana as the African Diaspora contributes positively to the economy of Ghana and Africa through remittances, skills transfer and more. GUBA Careers therefore believes that this initiative is a step in the right direction for the Ghanaian workforce and all participants.

This internship initiative is scheduled to take place in the third quarter of the year 2021. To register interest in participating, kindly complete the survey:

About GUBA Careers

A brand under the GUBA Enterprise, GUBA Careers is committed to bridging the career and lifestyle gap between members of the Diaspora, Ghana and Africa.

GUBA Enterprise is a social enterprise organisation dedicated to the advancement of diaspora Africans and Africans back home through various socio – economic programs and initiatives.


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