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Guest Blog: The Little Great People



Annie Joy Annie Joy[/caption] It’s hard to get the one plucking the stars to look down while he is looking Upwards. Our world is now based on class which has come as a result of standard of living.   So many times I have heard people say; why don’t the rich people marry the poor people in order to help improve upon their living standard too? Anyway, it’s hard to come by.   The lawyer wishes his daughter to marry the minister’s son and the trend follows in that manner. This is to say, why do public figures normally look down on the ordinary? I have had cases whereby people find it difficult to message celebrities , a star or a public figure simply because of the living standards they have worked for , for themselves and not to forget with the intention of they being busy people to give reply to an ordinary. Yes! Indeed everyone is aiming higher but that doesn’t mean we should forget about the little great people in our lives.   Whatever you want to attain in life, you will surely need people to participate. Just as a teacher cannot be a teacher without students, so can a doctor not be a doctor without a patient.   Myself, I cannot be a motivational speaker without you listening to me. The little great people in our lives, our home, our work places, who we think without them we can do our work, are actually the people who are making us and others see the value of our works.   A great musician who understands and submits to his music career will always see to it that, whatever he brings out will be something his fans will appreciate. This is simply because they make up his music. But at the end of the day the honour is not given to his fans but himself. The publicity is not given to his fans but him. When he is being called to pick up an award, he doesn’t call His countless fans to go for the award although they did the larger part of the process. In that case, if a little disorganization is to be caused by the musician and through that he loses just one fan, then he should consider he has lost a great treasure because he will never know the activities that fan does behind the scene in order to promote his music.   Although that particular fan is not known yet, he is a great person to the musician unknowingly. It is known and believed that the level you get to, determines or depicts the manner in which you have to present yourself.   Therefore if at a point you find yourself in the council of great people, you will have to change your style to fit in your new environment. It’s part of the process.   Therefore if you used to wear flip flops to the market, you need to change it to something more classic and styled but that doesn’t mean you will have to look down on the person who still wears flip flops to the market. You should Value such person more than even the people you are in your new environment with. Let me help someone with a little trick. If you want to be known in your society, youth, there is no need stripping yourself naked and posting it on social media. Instead use that money you could have used to buy credit for your uploads to BLESS a needy person’s life because he or she is the best person to promote your brand. Listen, JESUS CHRIST when he began his works on earth, was known to a certain point.   He needed to do extra to touch lives. When he got to the well, He met a Samaritan woman. Did he do something? He blessed the woman with what she needed. After, the woman ran to the town to talk about JESUS CHRIST and what he has done for her. The many that came to His teachings happened as a result of the little help He gave to the original woman. You will never know; the lovely hospitality you give to people around ends up in them loving you and making others fall in love with you. Whatever you intend doing in life, You definitely need people around and beyond you to push you.   It will amuse you that the little great people in your life happen to help in pushing you in so many ways. They might not be famous, popular or known but they are the great people behind your making and your progress. Just as a passionate musician doesn’t underestimate his fans, so do you need to value every single person in your life. Be nice! Be nice to any one around you.   The unknown people in your life are making an impact in your journey.   Notice them and appreciate them. The little great people in your life need to be appreciated by you. Give them much of your quality time.   “For when people get caught up with that which is right and they are willing to sacrifice for it, there is no stopping point short of victory” (Martin Luther)   #Getinspired #Getmotivated # Lifekeepscomingback   Read more on   Writer: Annie~Joy]]>

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