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Guest Blog: TV3 ‘Brings’ Big Brother to Ghana?



TV3 entered the media sphere on October 1 in 1997 and since that time it’s been peerless on the television scene. The Kanda-based TV station ain’t just “first in news” and “best in entertainment”, but it is “first” and “best” in virtually everything in relation to television broadcasting (and I am talking about Ghana, not the whole wide world).

TV3 is currently so far ahead that by the time the other television stations operating in Ghana match its ‘level’, the world would have probably come to an end. Apparently, the other TV stations are just mere statistic, lagging behind like a “tortoise” racing a “cheetah” (no disrespect, please. I am only stating the obvious).

Over the years, the TV network has established itself as the home of ‘original’ TV programming in the country. Whereas the other TV channels mostly telecast imported TV shows and/or TV contents from independent TV production companies (not forgetting the relaying of signals from international broadcasters viz. Aljazeera, BBC, DW TV, et al.), the folks at TV3 have invested in creating, developing, packaging and producing their own TV formats/concepts, albeit often ‘copied’ from other foreign TV programmes. Adesa Productions Limited (APL) was actually set up to oversee and handle all ‘original’ television productions at TV3.

In recent times, the team at TV3 has found its mojo for producing enthralling and entertaining TV shows (especially relationship/dating programmes), that keep increasing the number of eyeballs for the channel, making it the most viewed TV station in Ghana today.

In their quest to continue drawing big TV ratings, TV3 rolled out yet another compelling dating TV show called “Perfect Match Xtra” (PM Xtra) about a fortnight ago. PM Xtra is the sequel to TV3’s blind date show “Perfect Match”, which premiered last year on the network. Unlike “Perfect Match”, PM Xtra houses the participants together in a residential facility with rotating cameras/microphones capturing and picking every activity and sound in the house, à la Big Brother.


A 24-hour online streaming platform has been created to stream the show live for those interested in watching what the housemates are up to in the PM Xtra house. In addition to this, there are daily slots allocated to broadcasting the live feed on TV3 (Media General should ‘sacrifice’ Onua TV for the 24-hour live feed. LOL.).

A Copycat Version of Big Brother?

It’s no denying the fact that TV3’s PM Xtra reality dating TV show bears the imprint of internationally acclaimed Dutch reality TV franchise, Big Brother. And any first time viewer might even mistake it for “Big Brother Ghana” (this version of Big Brother doesn’t currently exist though).

However, the Big Brother show itself is not an original TV concept. The idea for Big Brother stemmed from the “1991 Biosphere 2 experiment” in the Arizona desert (U.S.A.), in which 8 men and women discovered how ‘hellish’ it is to live together inside an airtight glass and steel geodesic dome, that sought to replicate the Earth’s environment.

Big Brother was also inspired by MTV’s “The Real World” which first aired in 1992. This MTV show pioneered the concept of putting “strangers” together for an extended period and recording the drama that ensued.


Moreover, the idea of introducing a 24hr/7 live streaming video on the Big Brother show was highly influenced by “” (defunct since December, 2003). JenniCam was a popular website created by Jennifer Ringley (now known as “Jennifer Johnson”), an American college girl who became an “internet celebrity” in the late 90s and early 2000s after installing video cameras in her college room to share her daily activities with “web watchers” and “netizens”.

That’s not all, the term “Big Brother” was even taken from George Orwell’s dystopian novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (often published as “1984”), with its theme of continuous oppressive surveillance.

So clearly, ’tis not a big deal at all for the producers of PM Xtra to ‘copy’ some aspects of Big Brother or draw inspiration from it.

The PM Xtra Housemates

When TV3 announced that they were going to launch PM Xtra, some of us were hoping to see new faces on this new TV show. “Everyone deserves love” and there are a myriad of people out there searching for their “perfect match”.


But on that day, some former contestants of “Date Rush” (TV3’s other dating show) were the ones inducted into the PM Xtra house as housemates, much to the disappointment of some viewers (including yours truly).

Even if the organisers wanted to select persons who had taken part in the other dating shows on TV3, it should have been those youngsters who partook in “Perfect Match” last year and got “partners” from the show. After all, this is “Perfect Match Xtra” (PM Xtra)!

If this new show was created to feature “Date Rushers” (people who have taken part in Date Rush), then it should have been named “Date Rush Xtra” (DR Xtra). And this would automatically be the “Part 2” of Date Rush, such that if lovers met on Date Rush and afterwards proved to be in a serious amorous relationship, these “Date Rush couples” would subsequently be housed together with other couples from Date Rush to compete for “best couple prize”.

Considering how very popular Date Rush is, this TV concept too would be another hit show on TV3. There is absolutely no need for a sequel to “Perfect Match” because it is not highly acclaimed as “Date Rush”. It’s only advisable to do a sequel to a TV show if and only if it becomes successful and received rave reviews from the public and/or critics.

The team handling PM Xtra must go back to the drawing-board and “review” this PM Xtra format for next season. It is not too late to make changes to it after the maiden edition.


The PM Xtra House and Happenings therein

TV3 and the show’s sponsors no doubt lacked the wherewithal and big budget to construct a plushy home like the ones we have seen in the various editions and versions of Big Brother screened in different countries across the world. Nonetheless, they deserve a big pat on the back for putting up such an ‘elegant’ housing structure, which looks quite comfy and squeaky clean.

Looking at the live images, I wish the production team could add more cameras so viewers get to see the live feed from more different angles, especially in the bedroom, which looks too small for 10 housemates (the weekly eviction will eventually reduce the number of housemates). The 9 or so cameras in the house are not enough for this kind of elaborate television production. At least, 15 cameras would suffice.

Still on the bedroom, I think the organisers should have gone in for “double beds”, one for each couple. As a matter of fact, those bunk beds in there really make the whole bedroom looks like a dormitory for high school students (free SHS “fuor”! LOL.).

And instead of hanging long boom microphones from the ceiling like chandeliers to pick up sounds from the house, the production team ought to get tiny high-tech microphones that are invisible to camera, like the ones installed in the Big Brother house. The body mics the housemates always don not sufficient to be picking up sounds for TV.


The crew in the master control room (MCR) have been trying very hard to rotate the cameras in a way not to capture those hanging boom mics in the house, but oftentimes the rotating cameras betray them. I am just praying that the microphones don’t fall on any of the housemates.

Besides, I have been wondering why there are no cameras and microphones fixed at the lounge area of the house, knowing very well that the housemates would be spending time there every Friday night. Seeing TV3 cameramen in the background busily filming the housemates as they “party” all night just doesn’t look good on TV.

So far, the show has witnessed some squabbles and dramas, which mostly originated from the Date Rush show. Some of the housemates have a history together which dates back to Date Rush, and so, if you place these same characters under the same roof, issues from that past would surely crop up.

Right from the outset of the show, my ‘worry’ has always been how the housemates are inundated with excessive supply of food items to the extent that they take gleeful delight in wasting them, something they would not do in their individual homes.

For this reason, a limited ration of food must be provided to add a “survivalist” element to the show, just as it is sometimes done on Big Brother. The housemates must be starved like “prisoners of war” from time to time, or better still, the organisers should build a “piggery” near the PM Xtra house so as to be carting the tonnes of surplus food generated in the PM Xtra house to this facility.


Is it possible for the production team to install cameras in the bathroom for “shower hours” like Big Brother? This is definitely tongue-in-cheek, chale!

The Hosts

Since PM Xtra (Perfect Match Xtra) is the continuation of “Perfect Match”, I was expecting that Helen Appiah-Ampofo, who had hosted the maiden edition of “Perfect Match”, would be asked to take charge of the “-Xtra” edition too.

Another on-air TV3 personality I thought could also effortlessly host PM Xtra was AJ Akuoku-Sarpong, who had shown at her previous workplace (Citi FM/TV) that she has the gravitas to handle dating/relationship programmes.

Surprisingly, TV3 opted for Thiery Nyann and Adwoa Noella or Noella Donkor (as she now wants to be called) as hosts of PM Xtra. Honestly, these two were simply not up to the task. Thiery and Noella were such a colossal flop that AJ (the “Radio Princess” herself) had to be brought in last Saturday to salvage the show.


Thiery may be good at presenting sports programmes on TV3, but hosting a dating/relationship show is just not his forte. If TV3 ever create a sport reality show (like MTN Soccer Academy which used to air on Metro TV), they could ask him to host it.

For Noella Donkor (Adwoa Noella), she is still a budding TV presenter and must “understudy” her seasoned colleagues like Berla Mundi and Anita Akua Akuffo. She often seemed overwhelmed and tongue-tied on the show, which is a clear indication that PM Xtra is beyond her. TV3 shouldn’t ‘rush’ this lass who looks very promising on the media scene. Asking Noella to host a TV show of that magnitude is just like placing a “deep freezer” on the head of a “teenager”.

By: Eugene Selorm Owusu

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Law & Order, The Undeclared War and Accused heat up M-Net’s Thursday prime time viewing




Viewers’ Thursday nights just got better with a new season of a TV fan favourite and two fresh shows airing one after the other. Starting 28 September, every Thursday will see six-time Emmy Award Winner Law & Order, topical crime anthologyAccused and tense political drama The Undeclared War air at 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101).

Law & Order season 22 

Kicking things off at 19:00 is Law & Order back for its 22nd season – a show that’s cemented in popular culture and the longest-running police procedural in television history.

This season will see the detectives of the NYPD’s Manhattan Homicide Squad investigate a deadly subway shooting, the murder of a young author, and the death of a politician’s daughter. Meanwhile, the lawyers of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office must balance their pursuit of justice with the demands of the legal system.

Here are some fast facts about Law & Order:



At 20:00, viewers can catch Accused – based on BBC’s 2010 BAFTA-winning crime anthology of the same name. It was a big hit in the UK with viewers and critics. The show features a new case and cast every episode for viewers to unravel, so those into twists and turns should get ready to play detective. It stars talented actors including Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and episodes are directed by Billy Porter (Pose) and Marlee Matlin (The L Word), among others.

Each episode opens in a courtroom on a defendant, with viewers knowing nothing about their crime or how circumstances led to their prosecution. Unlike most courtroom shows where the prosecutor takes the spotlight, this drama is told from the defendant’s point of view.

Viewers discover how ordinary people can find themselves in an extraordinary situation, ultimately revealing how one wrong turn leads to another until it’s too late to turn back.

The Undeclared War

Rounding out the night at 21:00 is The Undeclared War, a new series created by BAFTA-Award Winning creator Peter Kosminsky. This six-part drama is set in 2024 and tells the story of a group of British intelligence analysts who have the task of tracking and countering a series of Russian cyber-attacks in the run-up to the UK general election.


Saara Parvin (portrayed by Hannah Khalique-Brown) starts a work experience placement at GCHQ, the UK’s intelligence and security agency. On her first day, she witnesses a routine stress test of the country’s internet infrastructure go awry, taking down a significant portion of the internet. It’s revealed that a foreign power deliberately carried out the attack.

As Saara and her colleagues race to stop the attack, they face the challenges of fighting a war that’s taking place in the digital realm. The rules constantly change, and the enemy is always one step ahead. The stakes are high, as the attack could devastate the UK’s economy and infrastructure. But how do you win a war most of the public don’t know you’re fighting?

The series was developed through meticulous research over five years by Kosminsky and has been lauded for its realism and timely subject matter.

Viewers who liked Mr. Robot, Black Mirror, 24 and Homeland will enjoy this tightly wound political drama.

M-Net (DStv channel 101) is the home of the best in international entertainment. All shows will be live-streamed on DStv Stream and are available on DStv Catch Up. Visit the M-Net Website  and join the conversation on TwitterInstagramTikTok and Facebook.



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DStv presents the Viewer’s Choice Movie Festival!



DStv Viewers Choice Channel Festival

October is going to be a cinematic feast like no other, as DStv rolls out the red carpet for it’s audiences with the upcoming Viewer’s Choice Movie Festival exclusively on M-Net Movies 4 (DStv channel 108). 

This isn’t just another movie marathon; it’s the ultimate movie fan moment. Following a passionate campaign where customers voiced their movie choices, DStv is delivering an ensemble tailored to resonate with a wide range of viewers. From action-packed adventures to heart-warming tales, DStv has got it all, ensuring mom, dad, and the kids are in for a treat. 

The Viewer’s Choice Movie Festival showcases DStv’s commitment to its community, highlighting the importance of viewer engagement and inviting all to stay connected and indulge in the magic of movies. Every film showcased from 8 October to 31 October is the result of viewer choices, carefully selected and curated just for the viewers.

And for those wondering about the line-up? Dive into the spine-chilling pursuits in Anaconda, experience the heart-thumping romance of The Bodyguard, feel the adrenaline with The Dark Knight and The Fast And The Furious, embark on the enchanting Harry Potter film series journey, relive the high school nostalgia with Mean Girls, and witness the intense drama of Training Day. There truly is something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on catching when your handpicked film will make its appearance. Stay in the loop by keeping a keen eye on our digital platforms for the latest schedules and exclusive insights. 


This October, DStv promises to make every movie night a reflection of the audiences’ love of movies.

Stay connected, or upgrade your DStv subscription and immerse yourself in a world tailored for you. Manage your account effortlessly with the MyDStv app or visit And remember, your favourite shows accompany you wherever you go with the DStv Stream app.

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Paa Kwesi Asare gets a hearty send-off party as he heads to the BBC



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BBC award-winning journalist, Paa Kwesi Asare was on Monday treated to a beautifully elegant and classy send-off party that took place at the Goldcoast grill and bar restaurant. (more…)

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Blue Lights,

Starring Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon actors….The Guardian called it “gripping, nuanced, almost unbearably tense” and “one of TV’s best shows”. Now Blue Lights, which looks at three police rookies as they take on crime in the Irish city of Belfast, is coming to The Home of Entertainment – M-Net (DStv Channel 101). Viewers can catch this BBC-produced 6-parter on Wednesday, 20 September at 22:00 and available on DStv catch up.

The cast features some of the UK and Ireland’s top talent – including Richard Dormer (best known as Beric Dondarrian fromGame of Thrones), Siân Brooke (Sherlock, House of the Dragon) and Katherine Devlin (Vikings). Viewers will sit shotgun with fresh officers Grace (Brooke), Annie (Devlin), and Tommy (Nathan Braniff) as they navigate the challenges of their new job.

Grace is a single mother who’s determined to make a difference in the world, meanwhile Annie is a former social worker who’s still troubled by the trauma she witnessed in her previous job. Tommy a hopeful recruit who’s eager to prove himself. Together, they deal with the pressures that come with being a police officer in a city that’s struggling with high levels of crime and violence. Dormer plays Constable Gerard – Tommy’s veteran training officer.

“We’re thrilled to have another top-quality drama on M-Net,” says Channel Director: Premium Channels Waldimar Pelser. “Blue Lights tackles some of the most pressing issues in the police force, including racism, corruption, and mental health. It’s sure to get viewers engaged.”

Blue Lights is one of the most critically acclaimed crime dramas of recent years, so viewers are in for a treat.


Catch Blue Lights on M-Net (DStv channel 101) – the home of entertainment – on Wednesday at 22:00 from 20 September, as well as live-streamed on DStv Stream, and is also available on DStv Catch Up after broadcast. Visit the M-Net Website and join the conversation on TwitterInstagram, TikTok and Facebook.

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Miss Malaika 23 Top 20 Out doored! Welcome to the #BloomSeason



WhatsApp Image 2023 09 18 at 16.01.57

In a colorful picnic styled setting, on Sunday 17th September, Miss Malaika Ghana unveiled the 20 beautiful and intelligent ladies who will kickstart their 7-week journey to eventually crowning the next Queen. 

The journey to finding the next Queen started with over 1000 ladies going through the rigorous phases of auditions, with 28 making it to finishing school. Organizers of the most prestigious beauty pageant, Miss Malaika Ghana, in its 21st season have out doored the 20 ladies to start the competition proper. 

Meet the top 20 delegates; 

Lilian Agyeman Sarfo; a 23-year-old Accounting and Finance graduate of UPSA. Fareeda Habib; a 23-year graduate of KNUST. Pristine Adzo Agbozo; a 23-year-old graduate of KNUST. Comfort Reina Amoah; a 23-year-old Entrepreneur. Precious Nyaniba Elliam; a 24-year-old Realtor and Commercial model. Ellen Addai; a 21-year-old University of Professional studies level 300 student studying Public Relations Management. Bridgette Glover; a 25-year-old graduate of Koforidua Technical University. Christiana Bervlyn Anim; a 22-year-old UPSA graduate. Lady Nana Yaa Nyarko; a graduate of KNUST. Charlotte Mawusi Gokah; is a 25-year-old Model and fashion design student. Naa Adjorkor Koney; a 19-year-old student of the University of Ghana School of Law. Betty Deborah Buwi; a 21-year-old student of Ghana Institute of Journalism studying Communication Studies. Freda Mawutor Denteh; a 24-year-old Bachelor of Arts student at University of Ghana. Enyam Adwoa Dzandu; a 21-year-old graduate of University of Ghana. Esmeralda-Elsie Gyamera-Tawiah; a 23-year-old model and graduate of University of Ghana. Kimberly Akornortey; a 22-year-old accounting student of University of Ghana. Naa Markai; a 21-year-old student of University of Ghana studying Psychology and Information studies. Amy-Danielle Aboa; a 19-year-old graduate of SOS HGIC. Fortune Akua Agyeman; a 22-year-old model and graduate of KNUST. And finally, Marian Darko, a 21-year-old student of University of Ghana.

Catch all the excitements and unfolding drama on Miss Malaika Ghana every Sunday on GhOne TV and Lifestyle (LS) Tv at 7pm, DGN (repeats on Wednesdays 7pm) at 8pm, Joy Prime and GTV at 8:30pm. Mx24, TV Africa and Metro TV at 9pm. Be a part of Miss Malaika Ghana as we celebrate beauty that blooms from within.  


Get more on-the-go information on Miss Malaika Ghana socials; Instagram & Twitter: @missmalaikagh and Facebook: Miss Malaika Ghana. Watch each episode on CharterhouseLive on YouTube. 

Miss Malaika Ghana is a Charterhouse production and proudly brought to you by GTP, Club Shandy and Pepsodent with support from Vaseline, Atlas rent a car, Geisha, BVS Butchery, Ecogel. Special thanks to Tigon Creative Studios.

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