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Guide To Choosing The Best Shapewear for Your Body Type



When people think of shapewear, they immediately think of constricting undergarments that are uncomfortable and squeezes the internal organs. There is also a fear of shapewear rolling down or up on the body. If you have had a bad experience with shapewear, most probably it was due to buying the wrong style for your body type that make you feel uncomfortable.

Everyone does not have the same body shape and the same goes for shapewear that is designed to target different parts of the body. Choosing the right and best affordable shapewear can be difficult if you are not sure which will suit your needs. Ahead is the guide to help you choose the perfect shapewear that matches your body shape.

How To Choose Shapewear For Your Body Shape

Knowing what is your body shape will help you to pick out the right shapewear. The different types of body shape are as follows:-

  • Apple Shape
  • Hourglass Shape
  • Rectangle Shape
  • Strawberry Shape

Apple Body Shape 

If you have a fuller midsection, large breasts and shoulder and hips that are narrow, this means you have an apple body shape. The tummy area carries a bit of extra weight so you would need shapewear styles that will give your midsection more definition like a high waist shaping brief. It can help to smooth the tummy and enhanced control with its extra layer of fabric on the belly. This shaping panty will allow you to wear your favorite outfit with confidence.

Hourglass Body Shape 

If you have shoulders and hips that are same width and a contoured waist, then you have an hourglass shape. This is the best shape that all women want but there may be areas with bulges that you need some control. In order to smooth out your problem area, a waist trainer is the ideal choice. It is made from high compression material that is specially designed to shape the waist into an hourglass shape and at the same time help to smooth out bulges on the midsection. It usually features steel boning to prevent rolling down.

Rectangle Body Shape 


If you have a straight torso, small bust, narrow hips and long legs, this means you have a rectangle body shape. Women with rectangle body shape would want a more contoured shape and fuller looking derriere. The best shapewear style that can give a curvier look is a high waist shaper short. These butt lifting shapewear are designed to offer tummy, back and thigh control and at the same time lift and shape the rear.

Strawberry Body Shape

Women with strawberry body shape will have a generously shaped bust, wide shoulders, narrow hips and a small derriere. This means the upper body part is heavy and a shapewear that works well include open bust or underbust shaper. This type of shapewear will create curves while balancing the top with the bottom. The best part is that you can wear your own bra for a better fit.


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