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GuyTalk Podcast: Employers, 5 things you should know before working for any of them



The Labour sector has been structured such that most employers are able to take advantage of people who work for them. Many employers can either sack, promote, fire or retire their staff on a whim. This is because the labor laws in the country do not allow for any strict policies governing their behavior. Guytalk Podcast reveals that most young graduates do not know a lot about these employers and get a rude awakening when they get treated anyhow. Before you work for any employer you should know these 5 things. 1. Do not work for free if you are an expert: Many of these Nigerian employers use this statement “we are giving you a platform” to take advantage of job seekers, and either underpay or not pay them at all. Before working for any Nigerian employer know that if your value is relevant, you deserve pay and do not allow desperation make you slave to a person or system because you are seeking a job. 2. Most of them will owe you salary:  This is nearly a norm in most one-man businesses in the country. Especially in organizations without a board of directors or a system in place, the salary of many employees lies at the mercy of their employers. Since many of them can get away with ill treating their staff, the salary of the staff can fluctuate either based on the economy or on their own personal desire to pay. Before you work for any one man business owner, know that being owed salary will definitely come to play at some point. 3. They can fire you at any time:  Because there are no labor laws in the country to instill the fear of misbehaving in the Nigerian employers, the moment you fall from their good graces, you can be fired. Many people have been known to lose their jobs because they has an affair with a girl their boss liked, or because their boss felt they are a threat. Getting fired in the Nigerian job space is something of a norm and can happen any time. So prepare yourself even if you have a good working place now, and find multiple sources of income. Anything can happen at any time. Download here. ]]>

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