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Hair transplant in Istanbul – More than a Procedure



There are many reliable hair transplant clinics in Turkey – especially in Istanbul. However, Medhair clinic is the name most preferred by hair transplant patients.

Alopecia patients have a new hope: Even if they don’t have a large fortune, they can afford a professional hair transplant in the future. If the prices are high for them in their clinics in Europe, America, and especially in Arab states, they prefer hair transplant Istanbul. Affordable prices, impeccable quality, and a vacation-like stay – Turkey makes the impossible possible.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Medhair Clinic

There are many reliable hair transplant clinics in Turkey – especially in Istanbul. But all of them automatically choose Medhair Clinic.

Only the surgeon is worth recommending. For more than X years, Medhair Clinic has been deemed worthy of successful awards in aesthetic hair surgery, not only in Turkey but also in many countries. The word of the wealth of experience has long reached beyond the borders of the country. Anyone who has already performed thousands of interventions should understand their craft. The high success rate can only confirm this. The motto of the innovative clinic, almost every graft is healthy hair exactly because almost all of the hair transplanted with a success rate of 99% is exactly where it belongs.


The impressive success rate of almost 100% has a huge impact on its appearance as a hair transplant turkey. Because the more grafts are transplanted into the scalp, the more intense, fresh, and strong the result will be. In Turkey, most patients do not have a trace of baldness after hair transplantation. Baldness and receding hairlines are no longer a problem.

Medhair Clinic in Istanbul attracts the attention of not only alopecia patients but also medical juries. It took its place in the rankings among many hair transplant clinics in Europe. Medhair Clinic is the address of a dedicated team and successful results.

Quality, Affordable Prices, and Great Results

In addition to the stunning natural results and the impressive quality standards of the leading clinic, the price is also convincing. Compared to reputable clinics in Europe and the United States, hair loss patients Medhair Clinic usually costs up to 70% less. The main reason for the strikingly low costs is the standard of living in Turkey. From travel to real estate to grocery shopping, there’s more for less here. Medical services such as hair transplantation are not excluded. They are also much cheaper than many countries in Europe.



Another good reason for the low prices is all-inclusive packages from leading Turkish clinics. Medhair Clinic, for example, offers its patients comfortable general packages that have thought of everything that matters. Whether it’s a transfer from the airport or an overnight stay in an elegant star hotel, laser treatment, free hair analysis, the versatile carefree package leaves nothing to be desired by the patient.


Medhair Clinical Expertise – The Most Modern Methods

If anyone is interested in medical advances, it’s Medhair Clinic. Expert teams work passionately on the latest transplantation techniques and integrate them into the clinic’s repertoire, using only the best for their patients.

Saphir FUE hair transplant is very popular. Thanks to its ultra-thin sapphire blade, it is even more sensitive and careful about hair transplantation. The same is true for DHI hair transplantation. Here the extraction and cultivation take place in almost one step. The shorter the grafts from the natural nutrient source during the surgical procedure, the sooner encapsulated. And the shorter their connections, the better their chances of survival.


When it comes to anesthesia, the modern clinic primarily uses soft anesthesia. Not only is this painless, but the patient also remains fully conscious. Reading, watching TV, talking, going to the toilet – it’s all okay. Soft anesthesia gives him the maximum possible flexibility.

All in One Medhair Clinical Benefits

Is there a hair transplant turkey Istanbul clinic that brings together everything that matters? There is. Medhair clinical sets a good example. The highly acclaimed hair transplant center in the middle of beautiful Istanbul meets the demands of every patient. Providing comfortable accommodation close to the clinic, expert advice before the procedure, a reliable service, a modern environment, or a fair bill with no hidden costs, the Turkish hair transplant clinic brings the dream of fuller hair easily, quickly, and cheaply. True. Numerous reviews and before and after hair transplant pictures are the best proof of

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