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Haiti Babii highlights black love in new music video “Cutlass”, released on Juneteenth



Haiti Babii releases visuals to his song, “Cutlass” from his most recent album “ CALIFORNIA HAITIAN.  What perfect timing for Haiti Babii to release the visuals to highlight black love on the newly US holiday, JUNETEENTH! (Juneteenth is a holiday celebrating the liberation of those who had been held as slaves in the United States).  


In the visuals of Haiti Express Black Love, He also represents black designer in the video, Pyer Moss by Kerby .  WIth Black Lives Matter taking the world by storm, it was very important for Haiti Babii to represent and highlight his roots; especially that he has been shot by the cops himself. BLM has been extremely personal to Haiti Babii with that being said.

The video vividly represents the black ethnicity, with the lead girl exposing her natural afro matching Haiti’s to celebrate the natural hair of black people.