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Haiti Babii releases ‘Hail Mary Flinstones’ music video



HAITI BABII releases visuals from another Hit Boy produced single, Hail Mary Flinstones” after dropping his sophomore album, “CALIFORNIA HAITIAN” last week. The video is shot in a church where different scenes are reflecting the lyrics to the song, while at the same time repenting. Hail Mary Flinstones single expresses another unfortunate circumstance he grew up around, “pimping”.

In an Interview with BET , he explained the title of the song: “In the Bay area, that means “pimping.” Hail Mary is a long pass [and] Flintstone is feet. You run fast with your feet so “Hail Mary Flintstones.” E-40 originated it but people don’t know that. Too $hort, E-40, Mac Dre, and Suga Free used that term multiple times but in records that people don’t really know. When I heard it, I was like ‘Ok, I’ma use that one.’ They are the OGs from Northern California so that made the game free for me.”

Hail Mary Flinstones – Official Video