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Hajia4Reall’s Lawyer Denies Snitching Rumours, Shares Critical Video



Hajia 4 Real

Fast Law PC, the legal representatives for Hajia4Reall, have made it clear that she did not reveal any names in an attempt to receive a lighter sentence.


In a video shared on the firm’s Instagram page, a spokesperson confidently stated that Mona Montrage did not cooperate with the US Attorney’s Office to identify individuals connected to her case.


The spokesperson emphasized, “We want to emphasize that Mona Montrage did not participate in any catfishing activities or collaborate with the US Attorney’s Office to disclose any names. We have evidence to support these assertions.”

The statement from Mona’s legal team was in response to recent accusations that she provided information about others in exchange for a more favorable sentencing. The decision to address the public was prompted by inquiries regarding whether Mona disclosed any names related to her fraudulent activities. After Mona Montrage’s sentencing, questions arose about her level of cooperation.

The lawyer posed a question, “If she had cooperated with the US Attorney’s Office, would they have recommended a guideline sentence of 37 to 46 months? Clearly, they would not have.”

To reinforce the argument, the lawyer presented a video shared by Hajia4Reall on social media, which was manipulated and sent to a victim as if Mona had sent a romantic message.


Additionally, Mona Montrage has been sentenced to one year and a day for her involvement in the fraud case. Prior to this, she had requested a reduced sentence, citing her responsibilities as a single parent.



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