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Halal Afrika’s Single ‘Move Holy Spirit’ Described As The Faith Awakening Tune



The single, which was released on 15th May, 2020, has been described as “the faith awakening tune”, and as such, each lyric in the song has its distinct level of awakening and spirituality that is pronounced to the audience’s yearning.

Move Holy Spirit is the first single to be released ahead of a series of other songs from Halal Afrika’s album THE MOMENT, which features great worshipers and musicians. The likes of Benjamin Dube, Notokozo Mbambo, Patrick Duncan, Ayanda Ntanzi, Michael Stuckey, Akesse Brempong, Takesure Zamar, are represented in this star packed album.

Halal Africa is the brainchild of two brothers, Daniel and Godfred Onnomah. Growing up in a close, Christian, musical family in Ghana, they developed a love for worship at a young age. They fondly reminisce over memories of performing as toddlers in their father’s Church, Victory Rock Chapel.

Daniel and Godfred have been behind lots of such events since 2004 in Ghana, USA, and recently in South Africa and featured major artistes like Micah Stampley, Joe Mettle, and producers like Chris Leach, Sean Walters, Koda, and Herbert Crassie (Oshogbo).


If you’ve seen singer, song writer, and entrepreneur Tela Robinson performing on stage, then you know the way she can work the room when in her element.

It was no different during Halal Afrika’s ‘The Moment’ event held in South Africa recently, except this time she took it a notch higher.

As she narrates, she needed a flow for the song which had been given to her about a month before the event, but the flow was not coming. “I literally did not hear the Lord speak until I got to Africa, in sound check, right before my sound check”, says Tela.

“Move Holy Spirit” is, in Tela’s words, “perfectly the song.” And the flow, which dropped in her spirit right before her sound check, brings that particular expression to life during her performance.




To shine, to praise, to glory and to boast of God– that is the meaning of Halal. It is a word that defines a wholehearted praise to God – praise with no reservations, which forms the inspiration behind our festival, Halal Afrika.


Couched from the word Hallel-Yah (Helleluyah), this is the one word that means the same thing in every language. Halal Afrika is a biennial festival organised by Ultimate Music which features tons of great worshipers and artistes on one platform to primarily praise and worship, and by so doing unit Africa under one roof lifting up praise to God almighty in worship. Halal Africa also, is a beautiful avenue that seeks to bring together powerful musicians from different parts of the world to record soulful African praise and worship songs to help uphold the gospel, with the simple aim to spread African gospel music throughout the world.

We are moved to express our love to God for who He is, and to celebrate His goodness in our lives.

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