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Hanging Up The Playa Jersey: Jon Germain says he's quit womanizing!!!



jon germainTop Ghanaian radio and TV host turned singer, Jon Germain who has been linked with several hotties including star actress, Yvonne Nelson, says he has given up his ‘player’ days and hanged his jersey!  The fashionable  TV presenter has revealed in an interview with the Graphic Showbiz that  he has abandoned his womanizing lifestyle long ago. According toJon, he has endured the temptation and had to desist from such acts because he has matured with age and believes that there is more to life than being the womanizer that many perceive him to be. “Which man doesn’t like to be with a woman? Every man who is not a homosexual will definitely love beautiful ladies but that doesn’t mean the person is a womanizer. Yes, I would admit that majority of my fans are females and you would need to appreciate them but that doesn’t make me a womanizer. “ I have outgrown such lifestyle and have matured with time. If you have not done that before and you are doing that as a young man, you feel happy about it but as you grow, you get focused on more matured things than womanizing”. Talking to Showbiz last Thursday, the In My Head hitmaker who has been associated with some high profile showbiz women in the past said womanizing is not on the list of what he described as his “itinerary”. “I know most of my colleagues in showbiz will not admit in an interview that they have a girlfriend or boyfriend because they probably have more than they can count but I am not afraid to let the world know that I have a girlfriend and I am in a steady relationship which I am so proud of,” he said. He humorously said that guys who were into the habit of womanizing have even toned down adding that “You know, because of the credit crunch these days, you can’t afford to keep so many ladies at a time but the ladies can afford to keep more because they are at the receiving end of the goodies”. When asked when he intends to settle down with his “Princess Charming” the 38 year old father of two said he was not in a rush to settle down and remarked, “It is every man’s dream to settle down and make a family and I know that my mother will kill me if I don’t settle down soon but I am still studying my lady to find out if we are compatible. She may be my God-sent wife so I am still waiting for God’s time”.]]>