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Having a government that listens makes all the difference for our business – Mathew Rugamba



Mathew Rugamba is a foremost Rwandan fashion designer. 

His brand House of Tayo was founded in 2011 and created out of the desire to find a unique way to showcase African sophistication, style and flavor through contemporary, locally-made clothing and accessories. With style influences ranging from the Motown era to traditional British tailoring they seek to combine elegance and class with a strong sense of African heritage and iconography. 

Described as a distinctly Rwandan-born brand that works with local artisans and tailors, they support the local community by providing stable income and employment opportunities. With its unconventional combination of colors and patterns, the brand is bold and futuristic; edgy, yet sophisticated; and reflective of the current proliferation of African arts, culture, and style on the world stage. 

The brand is truly authentic and homegrown, utilizing African textiles and fabrics, and produced by Rwandan tailors and artisans. 


Mathew is the CEO at House of Tayo.

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