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Hemp oil, hemp flour, hemp seed oil and more: Natural protein sources for the healthy eater

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Hemp oil, hemp flour, hemp seed oil and more: Natural protein sources for the healthy eater

What happens when you find Hemp oil and cannabis products on retailer sites like Amazon? Firstly, you might leap with joy because they are so easy to get and afford. Secondly, you might begin to wonder if they have the same healing qualities as the high-priced hemp oil you get from your Australian dispensary/site.

What has made choosing the right hemp product difficult?

With a tremendous shift in the perception of cannabis and related product among the public and the federal agencies, it is only natural to find hemp oil, hemp extract, cannabis capsules and tinctures in less regulated environments. However, the lax in regulations also implies lenience in quality-control. When you are buying a branded hemp oil from the dispensary, you expect certain qualities to be present. These include a high percentage of CBD and low levels of THC.

The increasing demand for hemp oil is boosting its availability on multiple platforms. People now seek it for relieving chronic pain, easing digestive problems, and alleviating stress. Good quality hemp oil should contain significant amounts of CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid that works as a pain killer, antiemetic, and antioxidant. It is a molecule of multiple talents and next to no side-effects. The CBD and other phytocannabinoid molecules in the hemp oil are the true heroes that elicit the health benefits.

What is hemp oil and hemp seed oil?

When you are buying hemp products at a highly discounted price from a new or unidentified seller, there is always a chance that the oil does not deliver what it promises. Extracting CBD from hemp or cannabis plants is not an easy or cheap process. Thus if your “hemp oil” prices are too good to be true, then it probably is. No matter what hemp or cannabis products you are purchasing, you should ensure that the product has been through third-party lab testing.

The label of a hemp product is just as critical as the third-party lab testing part. Check the label for the following –

  1. Non-GMO or non-GMP product
  2. No chemical solvents
  • A high percentage of CBD
  1. Mention of THC levels
  2. All natural product

These are signs that your hemp-derived product is reliable and comes from a healthy source.

Hemp products without CBD

Not all hemp products contain CBD. As we know already, hemp has no THC, but what most people don’t know is that only the hemp flowers and buds have CBD. The seeds and stalks are not sources of CBD. Therefore, if your hemp oil comes from all natural, non-GMO hemp seeds and stems, you are probably dealing with hemp seed oil which is nothing like the CBD containing hemp oil we have talked about this far.

Why should you use hemp flour?

Hemp seeds might not contain any CBD, but they are rich sources of proteins. It has tons of essential amino acids and vitamins that have a robust nourishing effect on the body. Several studies show that hemp flour is healthier than regular flour. Hemp flour has no gluten or fatty acids or oils. Manufacturers de-fat the hemp seeds before grinding them into fine edible powder — the C.O.A cannabis site just published a new article all about hemp flour and why it’s such a versatile item.

Hemp flour comes from the de-fatted and unbleached hemp seed cake. Therefore, it has no chemicals or THC. It is neither harmful for your body, nor does it contain any psychoactive agents that can make you “high.” You can find it in the market as Hemp Seed Flower, which has nothing to do with the conventional cannabis products you might find elsewhere. It is entirely legal and perfectly fine for baking and cooking.

What are the benefits of using hemp flour?

Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of using hemp flour –

  1. High protein content

Hemp seed flour has 33% protein for every 100 gram of seeds. Therefore, it serves as one of the leading sources of proteins for vegans and vegetarians. Many vegans use it as a dietary supplement to make up for the lack of animal protein in their diet. However, you must remember that hemp flour is NOT the same as hemp protein powder. The latter has many additives, while the flour is 100% natural.


  1. It has no gluten

Do you always worry about eating out because of gluten allergy? The all-natural hemp powder is making the lives of those living with celiac disease much easier by providing them with a staple food that has no gluten, but high levels of proteins, vitamins and trace minerals.


  • It boosts cardiac health

Good fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and gamma linoleic acid (GLA) are ubiquitous parts of hemp flour. With every scoop, you can enjoy the benefits of cardio-protective compounds that protect your heart muscles, neuron cells, and the brain. Hemp flour contains tons of good fatty acids and essential amino acids that our bodies do not produce intrinsically.


  1. Rich source of vitamins and minerals

Hemp seed flowers and other hemp seed derived supplements contain high levels of vitamins and minerals. The plain bleached flour we use to bake, and cook loses more than 80% of its iron and vitamin in the bleaching process. However, the lack of bleaching in hemp flower preserves its trace minerals and vitamins.


  1. High in dietary fibre

Hemp flower serves as a reliable source of dietary fibre. It is excellent for those suffering from constipation, or irregular bowel movements. It can help keep you hydrated for a long time and help your body flush out the toxins. Most importantly, those trying to lose weight, find that hemp flour keeps them feeling full for longer hours than regular flour. It aids help loss, and at the same time, does not give them vitamin or protein deficiency scares.

Hemp flour, hemp oil and hemp seed oil are all nutritious products that come from a close cousin of the cannabis plant. However, there is no need for you to worry, since these products have no THC. You can either use hemp seed oil and flour directly in your cooking or mix them with the conventional oil and flour you use in the kitchen. While you are picking up items for baking, you might as well check out hemp milk in place of regular milk to add a dose of healthy plant protein to your recipe.

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