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Here are some of the interesting 2022 trends for Bolt and Bolt Food



Bolt in 2022 – The Year in Review

For five years now, Bolt, Ghana’s leading mobility app, has consistently connected riders to drivers providing safe, reliable and convenient commutes across eight cities in the country.

Bolt Food, which recently clocked two years in operation, has bridged the gap between restaurants, small and medium-sized food vendors and patrons through its prompt delivery of meals.

While 2022 was a year of various highs and lows for most people in Ghana, some standout milestones, events and moments will remain etched in memory. Similarly, here is a snapshot of insights and trends about Bolt in 2022 that you might find interesting.

Bolt Rides


In 2022, one outstanding rider took a total of 1,348, making it the highest number of rides by a single passenger. Overall, the most popular pickup location in 2022 was Kpeshie, while the most popular destination was the Circle VIP Bus Terminal in Accra, arguably due to the significance of this location for cross-country travels.

The most popular destinations for Bolt riders across various cities in 2022 were Hutchland Beach in Cape Coast, Trafalgar in Ho, Accra Bus Station, Koforidua in Koforidua, Asafo VIP Station in Kumasi and Takoradi Technical University in Takoradi.

Most popular ride-hailing days

Mobility has been a critical need for most Ghanaians as they commute from their places of work, business, leisure, and worship, but more often than not, some key days see heavy spikes in this need due to events like festivals and the like.


In 2022, Bolt’s busiest day was Friday, 25th February, recorded over 148,000 rides in Accra. In Kumasi, 6th March 2022 saw a record of over  21,000 rides after the city was selected for the first time to host Ghana’s 65th Independence Anniversary. With this influx of guests who enjoyed Bolt’s convenience and reliability. This was replicated in Takoradi, which recorded over  8,800 rides, its highest number in a single day on Independence Day.

Cape Coast’s most recorded rides were (718) on 9th March 2022, 610 rides in Ho on 15th June 2022, and 474 rides in Koforidua on 17th June 2022, while Sunyani and Tamale had their most rides in a day on 21st May and 31st August respectively.

Cities with riders that clocked the most ride-hailing rides

Accra leads the pack with the passenger that took the most rides in 2022, a whopping 1,348 rides, which averages 3 trips in a day for this rider on the minimum. Kumasi and Tamale, being the next big cities in Accra, followed with their top passengers clocking 715 and 705 rides, respectively.


While the other cities saw their top passengers taking fewer rides, Koforidua stood out for Bolt as a single passenger took 407 rides in 2022, almost double the number of Bolt rides the leading passenger in Cape Coast had at 237.

Bolt Food

Now Bolt Food is an excellent platform for anyone who wants a quick bite, snack, meal, drink, or treat delivered to their doorstep instantly. In line with the Independence Day celebration and vibes, 7th March 2022 was the date with most food orders, presumably due to many people being at home and wanting to take a break from home-cooked meals.

In 2022, the most expensive order spent on Bolt Food was GHS 8,316.70, while the biggest order that Bolt Food processed had 31 items.


For the 2nd year in a row, the most popular dish across the Bolt Food restaurants was KFC’s Streetwise 3, comprisingChips and Chicken. The KFC Streetwise 3 was ordered 165, 202 times on Bolt Food in 2022.

Since Bolt Food has a great feature where anyone who orders to leave a tip for the courier, the biggest tip in 2022 was GHS100.

Interesting insights as they maybe, as the leading mobility platform in Ghana, creating economic opportunities for many passengers with affordable, safe, and reliable transport solutions at the tap of a button, Bolt looks forward to what 2023 holds for all its stakeholders.

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