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Here’s Why You Should Ditch the Coffee Shop for a Home Espresso Machine



The transcending aroma and flavor of a freshly brewed cup of steaming espresso are enough to convert anyone into a staunch coffee aficionado—and for good reason. An espresso is a great way for both coffee newcomers and connoisseurs to get their daily caffeine fix.

To be honest, there’s something mesmerizing about watching baristas in coffee shops unleash their arcane brewing skills behind a hulking beast of an espresso machine. No wonder espressos are one of the most popular menu items in multinational chains of coffeehouses such as Starbucks or Peet’s and the local specialty coffee shop.

But you don’t have to make the exhausting trek to the neighborhood coffee shop every time the caffeine cravings kick in. Buying a home espresso machine is one of the best investments as a coffee lover. Brewing espresso at home is a lifelong passion that’s rewarding for your taste buds and wallet. Here’s why:

  1. Fun Galore!

You know what’s better than puckering your lips in anticipation of an energizing sip of espresso? Making one! You get to turn your kitchen into a makeshift specialty coffee shop. And unlike the commercial shop, here anything goes.

You’re free to tinker around with virtual any step in the brewing process—including the origin of the beans, grind size, brewing time, and a host of other adjustments. There is a whole world of craft coffee waiting to be explored! We don’t know about you, but this has the makings of an outright fun experience.

As a bonus point, you get to earn some social points by impressing your neighbors or visitors with your honed barista skills. Trust us, everyone loves a host who offers a freshly brewed cup of coffee, so consider buying automatic espresso machine.

  1. Cost-Savings – More Java, More Dough

Buying an espresso machine is a lot cheaper than grabbing a Cup of Joe every morning. Sure, the initial cost of proper, high-quality home espresso might be daunting when compared to the average coffee shop drink price. But unless you’re planning to drink a single cup for the rest of your life, making espresso at home is better for your wallet in the long-term. Especially considering you have a supply of coffee that is only limited by your appetite.

According to an article appearing in Business Insider, you spend around $1 to $5 per cup when you buy coffee—compared to 18 cents when you brew your own. Of course, this is not an accurate representation of the real-world scenario, but it drives the point home – i.e., make your own coffee guys.

  1. Good Coffee – Just How You Like It

If you frequent a coffee shop, then you’ve likely been a victim of a misplaced order. A latte instead of an espresso; cream instead of black; over-roasted beans; nauseating burnt tasting—the list goes on and on. Such scenarios can be frustrating, especially when you’re grumpy from a lack of caffeine.

When you make your espresso at home, you inherently gain full control of the brewing process. This means that you can monitor the nitty-gritty to ensure your coffee meets all your requirements. As the idiom goes: “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.”

  1. Sustainability – Mother Nature Approves

Trotting around town with a plastic espresso coffee pod may seem affordable, cool, and convenient—but is it sustainable? Ever thought about the environmental impact of the single-use industrial packaging?

Making espresso at home means that you get to use sustainable material—reducing your environmental footprint. And any idea that helps create a better world for future generations is always the best choice. Plus, buying your own fresh whole-bean coffee gives you the chance to choose a sustainable source that meets international standards, codes of conduct, and fair play.

  1. Coffee on Demand

Craving a shot of espresso to kickstart your mental cogs? Just whip one up in a few minutes. You don’t have to endure the winding lines that characterize specialty coffee shops today.

Making your own espresso allows you to seamlessly integrate your coffee habits into your daily schedule. You drink coffee when you want and in whichever quantity you want without delay. Having coffee on demand means that your mornings are about to get a whole lot easier.


Long story short, making your own espresso at home is an adventure that’s begging to be explored. Happy caffeinating!


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