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Hillary Clinton on GOP bowing to Trump: It’s like they had ‘a lobotomy or something’



Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined anchors Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace during MSNBC’s special coverage of Night 4 of the Democratic National Convention. Clinton spoke out on her former Republican colleagues and the importance of this election: 


“This is going to be a very important existential struggle, Rachel, to make sure that everything is in place to protect the vote. And also to be ready for whatever scenario may come about on Election Day.”

Clinton said that despite Joe Biden’s strong position, “I also fear and worry about all of the shenanigans that we are seeing from the Trump campaign and their allies trying to mess with the post office, increasing their efforts to suppress votes, a much more aggressive disinformation campaign that is underway so if we had a totally free, open election I believe that Joe and Kamala would be our next President and Vice President, but I think we’re gonna have to work like crazy between now and November to make sure that everybody who wants to vote does vote and every vote is counted.”


When asked about her former Republican colleagues bowing to Trump Clinton said it’s like they a had ‘a lobotomy or something.’


She continued: “They just have given up their principles, their values, their backbone to following Trump, regardless of where he leads, which they know, and I believe they know is, you know, unconstitutional, often illegal, reckless, wrong, whatever adjective you want to use. So I can’t explain it Joy. I give credit to people like Mitt Romney who do stand up and speak out. But I wish that there had been more like Margaret Chase Smith, who was the first Republican senator who spoke out against Joe McCarthy back in the early 50s, you know where is that kind of leadership and it really saddens me that it seems to be absent.


Source: MSNBC

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